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Ranke Panchthar

” Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Ranke is a small town,the boarder of pachthar and Ilam districts aslo a transit point for many villages of Ilam. It’s the starting point of Mechi highway. Ranke, a quiet and etheral world has been attracting many visitors science 1929 BS by it’s natural beauty and historical significance. It is only region where you can find cenemaric views of sloppy smooth hills. When I was travelling in Ranke I felt like I am in another Mustang of Nepal which is very attractive destination for travellers in Nepal. The jungle seen from the highhway in the hills are very mysterious. The jungle is full of varieties of flora and fauna. Cause of the frost plants on the top of hills aren’t grown bigger and it seems as like brown deserts. It is cold place ever in about 2000 meters high from sea level.Foggy and cloudy sky of Ranke makes us to feel like entering beautiful screen, hevenly place in the universe.It is the best destinations for adventurous travellers.It has historical impotance too.The name Ranke is derived from ranko or flame of fire ( Nepali language translation)which is used to chase insect damaging maize crop many years ago.Ranko used to be thrown to maize and it is thrown to maize fields every 1st of History of Ranke says that it was established by Deli Sherpa and Tendu Sherpa by inviting people there then it was grown as a bazzar. The bazzar was started with feeding of boiled potatoes with pickle of Akabare Khursani. Akabare khursani is a hot round chilli which is cultivated on Eastern hill of Nepal an famous overall Nepal. Every Wednesday there is Mart(hat bazzar). Resident near to Ranke bazzar brings their products staying each sides of the street as a local business. When the bazzar was newly started people of different places used to gather and exchange their goods without money,cause the time was of Barter system. like they used to exchange Akabare khursani with potatoes, rice with wheat. Now-a-days different vegetables, medicinal herbs ,pulses, fruits, home-made orchards etc are kept. The decorations of the shops are very extya ordinary. This is the main feature of the Ranke bazzar. Every 2nd of Shrawan of the year there is held mela. The main purpose of this mela is for preservation of it’s local community’s cultures, increase the tourist numbers ,selling products establishing strong corporation between Ranke residents and other people etc. It reflects our Nepali culture. Incorporating the natural landscape into the interior amplifies ,the presence of lush plants and sloppy hills leave you unsure whether you are inside or in nature.Kui-Vir is another attractive spot for visitors in Ranke within a diameter of 2.5 km. It is said that a couple of beloved attempted suciede jumping off the cliff. People are frightened to go there alone. If you are interested to go there, you can climb up about an hour from Ranke bazzar. An adventurous person deserves it’s environment. The best time for observing Ranke is morning time cause after 12:00pm fog starts to cover the eye sight. Its low temperature and snow during winter season attracts every one.The scene from Kui-Vir is rare seen.Its very lovely and you will be paralysed by happiness. Ranke is perfect place for exploring adventure 110km far from Jhapa, Birtamode. One can hire a Jeep or motorcycle from there and start the jorney. On the way crossing Kanyam, Illam, Nepaltar, your jorney end up in the last point of the Mechi highway.There are plenty of hotels and lodges serving the visitors. You can stay at Chamu Hotel the most popular hotel in the area. One can drive Rabi to South via Ghurbise Panchami,Taplejung via to the north Mechi highway. It is the perfect place to calm your mood and soul. Due to the future of easy accessible and beautiful scenery you can enjoy your trip very well. Collect memorable vibes and give energy to your life. So, visit our Ranke once.

-Article written by: Mandira Thulung for Land Nepal


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