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Rock Climbing

In the wonderful nation of Nepal, it’s not just about conquering the world’s highest peaks. This little Himalayan country also has a plethora of rock climbing opportunities for those seeking to spend a few days or even weeks testing themselves with some tough climbs. Rock climbing is a relatively new addition to Nepal’s adventurous activity list, putting us on the world’s rock climbing bucket list. Though it is a recent growth in the tourist industry, it is not new to Nepal; the sport has been existing since the early 1950s, when the first mountaineers arrived.Climbing has become a popular adventure sport and outdoor recreation for adventure seekers all around the world. Climbing up or across natural rock formations or man-made rock walls with the purpose of reaching the peak of a formation or the endpoints of a pre-defined path is an adventurous and challenging sport for outdoor enthusiasts.

Climbing is comparable to scrambling (another sport that involves scaling hills and similar structures), but climbing differs in that it requires the climber to use his or her hands to support his or her own weight rather than merely providing balance.Climbing is a physically and intellectually difficult activity that puts a climber’s strength, endurance, agility, and balance, as well as mental control, to the test. Climbing may be a risky activity, and appropriate climbing skills and the use of specialist climbing equipment are essential for completing climbs safely.If you’re looking for a cliffhanger in Nepal, the Kathmandu Valley periphery has a few options. For those who get their kicks from climbing up sheer cliffs, there are some fantastic, thrilling areas. If you haven’t yet reached any of the kingdom’s high peaks, here’s another chance to do so.Rock climbing has recently gained in popularity among tourists visiting Nepal as well as local enthusiasts. To the north and northwest of the valley, climbing destinations such as Nagarjun Hills and Shivapur Hills are nearby. As a result, your rock-climbing tour may be coupled with bird-watching, game-watching, and seeing some of the valley’s last natural areas.

Nagarjuna is a lush hill to the northwest of the SwoyambhuStupa where the eminent Buddhist philosopher Nagarjun is said to have pondered. Inside the Nagarjun forest reserve, this cliff is suited for both novices and wall rats. The limestone cliff wall is around 12-15 meters high and exhibits the scars of previous ascents.If you’re experienced enough, you can always perform a free climb or use the gentler chocks. On the slope of Shivapuri Hill, to the north of Kathmandu, there is a beautiful rock wall. This is the region’s second highest peak, and a trek here includes village life, a Buddhist monastery, virgin oak and rhododendron woods, and panoramic views of the valley. There is also a protected watershed region, and you may explore the Bagmati River’s source. Ganesh Himal (7,111m), LangtangLirung (7,245m), and Dorje Lakpa can all be seen from Shivapuri’s top (6,966m). All of these activities may be included on your rock climbing trip here.Except for the rainy season, every time of year is perfect for rock climbing in Nepal.

Moreover, there are many fantastic, thrilling sites in Nepal where you may have a cliff-hanger rock climbing adventure. Tourists that come to Nepal for adventure tourism are becoming interested in rock climbing. Nepal provides an enticing rock climbing experience, and a trip to Nepal would be incomplete without it.Due to the spectacular natural rock faces in breathtaking locations, Rock Climbing is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports for visitors and residents. As the most recent adventure, the NMA has established a long-term strategy for the development of rock climbing in Nepal. The goal of NMA is to raise awareness of the spot among Nepalese youth and to train an international crew to compete in Olympiads and other international competitions to promote Nepal as a rock climbing destination.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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