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Mount Manaslu

Mount Manaslu is situated at Mansiri, Gorkha, province Gandaki, Nepal. Lying at the elevation of 8163 metres, Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world and the seventh highest in Nepal. It never ceases to bewitch people by its demure smile and poignant beauty. Mount Manaslu expedition is 64 kilometres to the east of Mt Annapurna (8091Meter).

Japanese regard  Mount Manaslu as one of the most popular and valued mountains because it was a Japanese expedition that set foot on the top of Manaslu in the year 1952. Encouraged by this victory, there were two other attempts made by Japanese expeditions in 1953 and 1954 of which only the former became a success, and unfortunately the latter remained a failure owing to the protest from the inhabitants of the village of Samu.

The Samu people didn’t want any mountaineers  to pass along that route.  It was in 1956 that a sixty two year Japanese led another expedition to Manaslu and on the ninth May the same year Toshi Imanishi and Sherpa Sardar Gyalsten  made it to the top.  Although  long ridges and glaciers facilitate the climb of Manaslu from all directions, the locals have named it a “killer mountain” because they have observed more than six dozen mountaineers not come back home safe from their undertaking.  So only experienced and high-tech mountaineers are advised to climb Manaslu.

-Article written by: Bedu Khatiwoda for Land Nepal

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