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Tindhare Waterfall

Tindhare Jharna is one of the famous waterfall which is situated at Kaphal Danda, Roshi Rural Municipality of Kavre district, Bagmati Province, Nepal. This waterfall is also famous as Bahubali Jharna. It is situated at an altitude of 1800 m and the height of the waterfall is 300 m.

This waterfall was unknown to every people until its picture became viral on social media. This place had been popular during the time of the pandemic in 2020. The spectacular waterfall looks the same as the waterfall in a popular Bollywood movie ‘Bahubali’ so, people started saying Tindhare Jharna as Bahubali Jharna.

This waterfall is named Tindhare Jharna as the waterfall has three major water streams falling over the stones which seems wonderful.

Distance and duration from Kathmandu:

This tremendous waterfall is about 65 km of distance from central Kathmandu. It takes about 4.5-5 hours from Kathmandu. 3.5-4 hours on vehicle and 1 hour of the hike you finally reach the waterfall. Normally people travel by bike, scooter but public buses are also available to go there.

How to reach TindhareJharna?

The trip starts from Kathmandu valley to Banepa heading towards Dhulikhel. From Dhulikhel, we can head towards JaruwakholaKavre district from the Sindhuli-Dhulikhel highway, B.P. highway, and from Jaruwakhola hike until you reach the waterfall, KafalDanda.

Best time to visit:

You can visit the place all year round. But, the road condition is not too good and during the rainy season, the road becomes slippery so you should be careful while riding your bike and also while hiking.

Places to explore:

The best thing to explore in that area is the waterfall which has a mesmerizing view that removes all your tiredness and struggles that you have faced on the way. The scenic view of the trident-shaped waterfall that has three major streams falling from the hills of the Mahabharat range is wonderful on its own.

The mesmerizing view of the hills carpeted from the green and dense forests, the mountains, and the peaceful and joyful environment is overwhelming in itself. The sound of the water falling on stones creates peace inside you.

Not only the beauty of nature, but you can aldoexplore the beauty of the culture of Newari people staying in that place. You can explore the beauty of Namobuddha, Gumba, and the stupa of Namobuddha also beautiful Dhulikhel which is also the district headquarter of the Kavredistrict.

You can also explore Banepa city and Sanga where the tallest statue of Lord Shiva is situated. These all places falls on the way travelling to TindhareJharna. On the way, there are lots of beautiful rivers and natural beauty you could explore.

Travelling and hiking with friends is another joyful moment. Normally, the trip is for one day but, travelling and exploring these place you can extend the trip for 2 days.

Exploring this popular and way more beautiful place is a lifetime memory. This place is perfect place for those who loves riding, hiking, and exploring natural beauty but have limited time. It is one of the adorable and must visit able places of Nepal.

Article Written by: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal

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