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There are numerous historical monuments in Nepal that are hidden from view of the relevant authorities. The Makwanpurgadhi, on the other hand, is one of those that the Nepal army is guarding with attention.With an area and structure spanning 135 ropanis, Makwanpurgadhi is Nepal’s largest and most fortified fort. Makwanpur’s historical significance is immense and cannot be overstated. If travelers visit Makwanpur, which is made up of two valleys in the mountainous region and the inner Madhes, they can learn about the importance of the city’s geography.Makwanpurgadhi is also one of the country’s top 100 tourism attractions, according to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation.  The entrance to Makwanpurgadhi gives a glimpse of the Great Wall of China. The municipality is currently proposing to construct a museum in Makwanpurgadhi, which has played an important role in Nepal’s unification. This place has the historical importance and it is also known as the bride’s house(sasurali) of our legendary king pirthivinarayan shah dev. This is a high-altitude location. And it is quite cold here throughout the year. It’s a historical site that used to be an army camp and was built in the finest location possible such that it is difficult for the opponent to attack and vice versa.

The fort is located around 3,600 feet above sea level, south of the Mahabharata Mountains. In Makwanpurgadhi, there are two major forts. The original fort is the big fort with the royal residence. Sano Gadhi is the name of the fort that is used for military parades and administrative buildings.To secure the main fort, a 25-foot-high wall has been erected around it. The fort is protected by a four-foot-wide wall and a ten-foot-deep trench around the outside. Juge Durbar is the name of the palace where the royal family resides, which stretches from east to west.The fort has a lot of historical and cultural significance that can be studied. Various monuments, including the ancient palace, can be seen as ruins at Makawanpurgadhi. Durbar, Vijay Park, Sano Gadhi, and Dhungegadhi, as well as Vijay Smarak, are historical landmarks in Makwanpurgadhi.

Many visitors nowadays prefer to visit the ancient Makwanpurgadhi, which has a magnificent natural and peaceful environment. Around Makwanpurgadhi, there is sufficient fertile land for fruits and agriculture. Many gorgeous sites can be found in Makwanpurgadhi. Aside from Makawanpurgadhi, travelers visiting Makawanpur’s villages and communities can learn a lot.The Makwanpurgadhi, which is historically and culturally significant, is a valuable asset of the Makwanpur area. It is forbidden to take photographs of the statue. A large fare is prepared at the fort on the festival of Lord Krishna’s birthday (Janmasthami) and Tholo-Ekadashi. People from Hetauda and the surrounding villages come there to enjoy the cuisine.

How to get there: Makwanpurgadhi can be visited after traveling a distance of 17 kilometers from Buddhachowk in Hetauda through Chaughoda-Chuchchekhola. It takes 4 hours to walk from Hetauda and 45 minutes via bus.

This place, Makwanpurgadhi is still hidden from domestic tourist and also from external tourist. Talking about this place it was not under protection from so many years but bow it is being conserved from locals and the bikassamitis and it is under conservation. Nepalese people are becoming more interested in traveling. Tourism is becoming more popular nowadays. Realizing that visitors can only Visit Mountains, lakes, and temples, visitors interested in historical sites have begun to visit forts, forts, and historical sites. This is a source of joy for the tourism industry in Nepal.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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