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Lahan is a well-known municipality in Nepal’s Eastern region. It is one of the province’s most noticeable municipalities.It is easily accessible by road because it is connected to the Mahindra highway. This municipality offers a diverse range of sites to visit, as well as a well-developed infrastructure. Laukaha in India and Thadi, a neighboring town 18 kilometers south of Lahan in Nepal, are both part of an agreed-upon mutual trade route between India and Nepal. Thadi is connected to the rest of Nepal via Lahan. The Nepalese government has established a specialized customs office in town, and the Indian government has established a Land Customs Station with a Superintendent level officer. This location is known for its Peda, or Small Milk Cake, which is made by boiling milk for a lengthy time until most of the moisture has evaporated.

Over a 20-year period, urbanisation has gradually expanded the population. Lahan was a tiny community whose growth was sparked by a few traders. These merchants catered to travelers arriving in town from the hills.Cloth and agricultural products were the major trading items. The majority of the population works in small enterprises. The motels have been giving amenities to tourists due to their location along the roadway. The town’s pride is the famed SagarmathaChoudhary Eye Hospital.Patients come from all around the world, with the majority of them being Indian citizens. One of the most important factors in its development has been the industrial sector. Lahan is regarded as the sagarmatha zone’s commerce and economic hub. It was largely an agrarian economy, but it has grown into the region’s commerce and industrial hub throughout time.Residents in the sagarmatha zone’s steep and mountainous regions rely heavily on Lahan for their supplies.

Where is Lahan located? Talking about the location of Lahan, it is located in the Siraha District of Province 2 in Nepal’s Eastern part, in a low-elevation area known as Terai.

Elevation of Lahan: The Lahan municipality is situated at a low altitude. It is estimated that the elevation is 111 meters above sea level.

Area and Population density of Lahan: The municipality of Lahan covers a total area of 167 square kilometers. This location’s population density is predicted to be 550.6 people per square kilometer.

Climate around the area: Lahan has a subtropical climate all year. This climate is characterized by bitter cold in the winter and scorching heat in the summer.

Interesting places around Lahan: The Lahan Municipality has a variety of tourist attractions. There is Rajdevi Temple which is a well-known Hindu holy temple that is a popular pilgrimage destination for Nepali and Indian visitors. In Lahan, we get a wonderful view of SalaheshFulbari and SalaheshMandir. Your visit to Lahan bazar may be your best option. There is also Osho Madhurya Ashram in Lahan where you can have your amazing and peaceful time. Lahan Bazar, Khutti Khola River, Balan River, and others are some of the most well-known places that are worth visiting while being in Lahan.

Best hotels in Lahan: Hotel Durbar Pvt. Ltd., Maruti Hotel Pvt. Ltd., Vishal Hotel, Hotel Dinosaur, Hotel east Point, ChapraSiwan Hotel, and others are some of the inexpensive and budget friendly hotels accessible.

Best time to visit Lahan: Because of its pristine location, this area can be visited at any time of year. During the peak summer season, extreme caution is necessary due to the potential of flash flooding in low-lying areas.

How to get there: The longest highway in Nepal, known as the Mahindra highway, serves as the municipality’s entrance. Lahan is around 350 kilometers (99.3 miles) from Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. Rajbiraj Airport, which is about 40 kilometers distant from this Municipality, is the closest airport.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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