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Earn During Lockdown

Are you people feeling stuck? Are you people feeling helpless because you are not able to go out and make some money? There is no denying that covid-19 pandemic has shaken up life as we know it. It has been a year of sink or swim if you want to avoid bankruptcy and sadly there are not enough life rafts for everyone. However, it hasn’t been all doom and gloom for all industries. In fact, some new innovations have created new employment for many people.

Humans by nature have resilient and adaptable spirits. We know a lot of people have lost their jobs and a lot of people are hurting financially. So today we are sharing with you 10 different ways that you can make money either as a side hustle or even a full-time income if you choose to pursue it over the long run. Also, having a job at a time like this doesn’t necessarily equal security. So, if you are struggling right now financially, here are some options that you might want to explore so that you can make money from the comfort of your home.

1.  Online Tutoring

If you are a subject expert, you can earn by tutoring people online. There are many websites for this as well like TutorMateNepal, HomeTution Nepal etc. Just create a profile, list the subjects, classes you wanted to teach, how experienced and qualified you are and more. Some platforms may also offer a flexible and convenient time as well. Most portals asked you to apply by filling a form, sending CV, and then providing a teaching demonstration. Once you get selected, documentation and profile creation are done followed by training. Finally, you will be listed as a teacher and can start conducting your online teaching sessions. You can earn around NPR 10k-15k per person per month depending upon the classes and subjects chosen.

2.  Being a Freelance

If you have certain skills that you can offer to a company or to an individual, it is a great opportunity for you to work from home and make some money. For e.g., being a virtual assistant and managing emails, messages on social media, organizing life etc. of someone else. You can also do customer support as companies like Daraz right now are hiring a lot. Moreover, if you have a specific skill set like writing then you can write for someone else’s blog. Besides these, proofreading, editing, graphic design, social media marketing, video editing, transcribing, translating etc. are other different areas of freelance that you can find jobs for. Visit websites like,, and many more and start earning around minimum NPR 25k per month.

3.  Book Publishing 

If you want to write or create your own book or maybe you want to hire a ghost-writer that can write a book for you, and you can publish the book on a specific platform. This is a great opportunity right now to start making money from home. Book publishing platforms like Amazon are online bookstores, where people can buy and download eBooks to their device. They buy paperback books as well as audio books. At a time like this, people don’t have much to do as they are quarantined at home, and they are consuming more content. So, they love to buy and read books right now. Remember, book sales are surging right now online. Grab this opportunity and be financially independent by utilizing your skills.

4.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of you promoting someone’s products through what is called an affiliate link and when someone clicks on that link, go, and buy that product, you will earn an affiliate commission from that. All you need to have been the ability to attract people and get traffic online. Many companies out there have affiliate programs where you can sign up freely and start promoting products. This way doesn’t make you rich quickly. This method does take more time, but once you do you will get a new stream of income which is sustainable, lasting, and provides passive income.

5.  Building a YouTube Channel

If you have a passion on a subject or knowledge on a subject and a camera or a phone to record yourself, then creating a YouTube channel is another best way for making money from home in a fun way. YouTube will pay you money from the advertisements that are placed on those videos. You will not have subscribers and followers at first, but if you stick with it, you can build some subscribers, audience, and your channel. It might take months to years to build your channel and once it flourishes, you will start making more than NPR 50k per month. Remember, the more the consistent you are with something, the better that you get. Dur8ng a time like this, people are highly active on YouTube as they are bored. So, this becomes a new opportunity in a time like this if you have that desire in the commitment.

6.  Coaching & Consulting

Creating your own online course if you have any level of expertise or knowledge that you could add value to someone else then other people will happily pay you for that. There are websites like where you will meet people and you can arrange sessions over Skype, zoom etc. and coach them. You can even create an online course as there are websites like Udemy, teachable, skillshare, kajabi and many more where you can take your knowledge, put it up online and sell it.

7.  Sell your Photographs 

If you are looking for a way to fund the next camera lens and extra gear, then you should be selling your photos online. It is a realistic way to fund your passion with a very little effort. Businesses are very much interested in creating online content so the right pictures and themes could fulfill their needs and help you earn money. Instead of uploading a landscape and selling only what you already have, start looking at the images used by business websites, blogs and so on. Then, try to click the images on those themes and make the demand of your photography higher by following trends. There are so many stock photography websites like Almay, iStock, Getty, Shutterstock etc., which will help you in selling your images and take a little commission from sales.

8.  Start Blog or Website

Do you know thousands of blogs are registering daily globally? Instead of letting it be a hobby, you can make blogging a source of income. You can start a blog by creating it through a WordPress account, which requires 0 investment. You can also go for self-hosted blogging where you will have to incur some expenses on domain name and server hosting space that can cost you between NPR 5k to 7k a year. Self-hosted blog allows you to personalize your website. You may monetize your blogs through ads, product reviews, sponsors and so on. Remember, you must make a lot of good content, and need lots of patience.

9.  Share your Stories

If you have been through some unusual happenings or experiences in your life, then you can share it with journalists, magazine creators and others who will publish your story and pay you for that. It will help in inspiring the societies as well as provide you with some passive income. There are so many magazines and websites that will pay you depending upon the content of your story. Nepalese people are more active online these days so if your story succeeds in catching the attention of only a few people, it will go viral in a short period, and you can earn a good income for living.

10. Become a Delivery Driver

Today everything is being limited to online because of the pandemic. Businesses are providing door-to-door steps services. For this purpose, there is a huge demand for delivery drivers at this moment. Be it to deliver daily necessities or food, or clothes, roads are full of delivery vehicles. So, if you have a driving skill and license, then you can surf online as there are many vacancies for part-time drivers. However, make sure that at a time like this is one of the riskier ways of making money. Before starting the job, you should make sure that you are safe and are going to make every household that you will deliver free of risk.

-By: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal

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