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Shukla Phanta National Park

Covering the total area of 305 square kilometers, Shukla Phanta National Park lies in the Sudurpaschim, that is far-western, province , Kanchanpur district of Nepal. Until the area was declared national park in 2017, it was called a wild life reserve in 1076, and actually was established in 1976. As this National park is situated in the farthest south of Kanchanpur district, it borders the Uttar Pradesh, that is Northern Province, of India, to the south and the west. The border between the countries, India and Nepal, is marked by the Mahakali river which, like all other rivers from Nepal, flows into the river Ganges in India,  commonly called Ganga, regarded as one of the sacred rivers especially by the Hindus and the Buddhists all over the world. There is the river Chaudhar flowing from the east side, with the forests and farmlands to the north of the national park. It is a peaceful dwelling place for almost 350 species of birds and 24 species of mammals, including 14 kinds of fish species and 10 species of  flies. The entire park is profound with tall and big sal trees.

Just as in all plain areas of Nepal, the Shukla Phat National Park remains cold, with the temperature between 10 to 120  centigrade in the minimum in the months of January and December. June, July and September are mostly rainy there. September, December, and February through May are the best months to visit this national park. It is accessible by the roadways, as well as by the airways of around 30 minutes flight from Kathmandu.

-Article written by: Bedu Khatiwoda for Land Nepal



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