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Ilam Bazar

A very beautiful city full of greenery lying in the Far East of Nepal is Ilam municipality.  It is situated in the Mahabharata hilly range in Province no. 1 of Eastern Nepal. Ilam is famous for landscapes, diverse agricultural economy and mostly for tea plantation and production. It was established as a municipality in 1958. It is considered as one of the richest district of Nepal on the basis of cultural diversity, natural landscape and flourishing cash crops. Its landscape Elevation ranges from 140m to 3636m above the sea level. It has wide range of landform.

Most area of the district is covered with tea bushes and few tall trees giving an astonishing sceneric   view. Since large quantity of tea is cultivated every year, tea industry is growing at a rapid pace.  Quality tea is exported to foreign countries including Europe and the U.S.A.

Apart from tea, cash crops like Cardamom, Ginger, Potato, Red Round Chilly and Broom Grass are also produced in effective quantity.


Ilam is situated at the Far East of Nepal lying at north of Jhapa with West Bengal (India) at its East.

Climatic Condition:

Ilam posses a Sub-tropical type of climate. However it receives heavy rainfall during monsoon. Most of the days are foggy and cool breeze can be experienced throughout the year.

Since it receives heavy rainfall, it is quite difficult visit during the monsoon. So, the best time to visit is from October to December or from February to April.


Once Lepchas  were the predominant ethnic groups here. Lepcha museum is also being constructed at Antu for the preservation of their culture and glory. At present, the major ethnic groups like Brahmins, Chhetris, Magars, Gurungs, Rais, Limbus & Sherpas are residing here.


Ilam is at doubt famous for the absolute beauty of tea garden and greenery. Nature has showered enormous beauty to Ilam. Shree Antu provides the gorgeous view of rising Sun. There are several ponds to take a peaceful walk around. Not only these, there are beautiful hiking places and high water falls as well. Todke waterfall lies in the hills of Maimajhuwa near Mai Pokhari in Ilam which is at the height of 85 m. It can be an amazing place for hiking. Also, Didi-Bahini jharana has a wonderful view to enjoy the nature at its best.

Viewing Tower and Mai Pokhari which is at an hour’s drive away from city can hold the breath with their beauties. Kanyam Tea Estate provides sceneric view where thousands of tourist visit every year. They can have best photo and video shoots here. One can take the reap of Horse Riding, Hikes and Picnics in Kanyam.

The bazaar area in Ilam is mostly filled with shops of Chhurpi, Local lollipop, Red round Chilies known as akabare khursani & Seasonal Vegetables.

How to Reach:

It is at a distance of 488.1Km away from Kathmandu which takes approx. 11 hr. 46 min to reach by bus. Instead, one can take flight to Biratnagar or Damak and can catch a bus. It takes about 2 hr. 42 min to reach Ilam from Damak and about 4 hr. 13 min from Biratnagar. Since it is bordered to West Bengal (India), it takes about 2 hr. 34min to reach Ilam from Darjeeling.


  • The Singhabahini Temple
  • Maikhola bridge
  • Ilam tea garden
  • Maipokhari
  • Todke waterfall
  • Sandakpur
  • Mai-Jogmai dovan(Maibeni)
  • Seti Devi Temple
  • Bhalu Dhunga
  • Narayanthan


Beautiful night stays ranging from Rs.750 to Rs. 4000 per night are available. Fire camping can also be enjoyed at the night stay.

To enjoy nature in the life with Peace , Ilam is the Best!

-Article written by: Anu Wasti for Land Nepal

The Ropai Jatra of Ilam Bazar after the completion of Paddy plantation

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