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Kankai Domukha

Domukha is a prominent tourist attraction in Nepal’s Eastern belt, situated on the banks of the sacred Kankai River in the Shivasatakshi municipality of Jhapa district, Province no. 1.The Kankai River (also known as Mai Khola in Nepali language) is a trans-boundary and holy river that flows through Illam and Jhapa district in a north-south direction. Domukha is regarded as one of the most beautiful locations in Jhapa district, and it is located on the slopes of the Shivalik range, where the Kankai River begins to turn. It is about 30 km from Bhadrapur and can be reached via the East-West highway. This place also serves as a gateway to Surunga for residents of southern Illam and other high hill districts. According to a popular myth among the local people, the palace of the Kirati Dynasty Kings was located around this area. Domukha Kankai has an artificial reservoir built for irrigation purposes that was established with a target of irrigating 5,000 hectares of land. This place is mostly famous as a picnic spot or as a hideout from busy life in nature’s lap.

Domukha is rich in scenic natural beauty that houses trees of distinct species, variety of migratory birds and a captivating view of the river. The dam constructed here also provides an eye catching and peaceful view. This irrigation system was built in the year 1971 AD with a loan incentive from the Asian Development Bank. This irrigation facility was regarded as the largest irrigation dam in the region. Along with this another attraction of Domukha is the suspension bridge that connects it with the  Dhanushkoti dham and is visited by thousands of visitors who visit this sacred dham. The Domukha region is also rich in its biodiversity and is habitat to more than 60 specimens of turtles belonging to eight distinct species along with a number of species of indigenous fishes. The local people and the concerned authorities have been following diversified protocols for the conservation of these fishes and turtles.

After taking a few minutes walk or drive from the entry gate of the Domukha in Maidhar, the natural beauty and the ambience of this wonderful site starts to take the attention. Parks and other picnic spots have been constructed to welcome a greater number of tourists and to make their trip memorable. A recent bid invitation has been issued by the Shivasatakshi municipality for the construction of partially built swimming pool and children’s park.  According to Domukha Religious and Touristic Development Management Committee chairman, Mr. Dhan Bd. Lawati, special plans and projects have been designed in order to increase the number of visitors here. Along with this, focus has been given in order to properly manage and coordinate the facilities for visitors such as electricity supply on picnic spots, restrooms, other stalls and structures.

This place attracts thousands of internal as well as international tourists from neighbouring states and the number of visitors has been increasing every year. Domukha is also nearby to other tourist destination of Jhapa district such as Jamunkhadi, Jaleshwor dham, etc. and people visiting these places are most likely to visit Domukha due to its popularity and trend in the region. In a nutshell, it is a popular destination with enormous potential for the development of tourism industry in Jhapa district.

-Article written by: Ujjwal Bhetwal for Land Nepal


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