Hyatrung Water Fall


There’s an absolutely gorgeous and tallest waterfall in Eastern Nepal itself. Eastern Nepal is blessed with so many wonders and beauties that God has showered into its Nature. And Hyatrung Waterfalls is one of those wonders. Hyatrung Waterfall falls from the hill top of Fedap Rural Municipality (current) and on the boarder line of Samdu and Ishibu VDC (sabik) of Tehrathum district in Province no. 1 , Nepal. Hyatrung is known to be the second highest waterfall in Nepal, whereas Pachal Waterfall of Kalikot district is claimed to be the highest in Nepal. However these falls are even claimed to be the highest falls in Asia. Hyatung Fall has a height of 365 meters.

A Tribhuwan University affiliated campus “Hyatrung Jharana Campus” has also been established in Dadagaun, Tehrathum as a tribute to the fall. The campus is recognized by the University Grant Commission (UGC) of Nepal. It offers higher education of Bachelor’s Degree in Education faculty.


Hyatrung Waterfall lies in the co- ordinates of 27°12′ N Latitude and 87°34′ E Longitude. It is 365m high and has an average width of 200 meters. Its elevation is approximately 1500m high from sea level. It is the tributary of Tamor River.


The fall is special for its natural beauty and its synchronization with nature. It lies in between the greenery of forests. It is considered as the most spectacular waterfall in Asia. It has breathtaking scenic beauty. It is one of the greatest attractions for tourists who love nature and are fond of hiking. Not only the fall, also different species of flora and fauna are available near and around the waterfall. As it is a cool area full of greenery, different kinds of medicinal herbs grow as well. In the lap of nature, different beautiful birds roam around singing and dancing.

It is the most beautiful place to go on holidays, for hiking, day trips, outings, enjoying nature and even people visit for picnics and seminars.

The cool breeze keeps blowing every moment. The beauty, the peace, the soothing air and the sound overwhelms our eyes, ear, mind, body and soul. It creates positive vibes and peace in mind and soul.

Reaching to waterfall:

It takes about 10 hours 31 minutes via Mechi highway to reach the road near the waterfall from Biratnagar and about 7 hours via Dharan trough Koshi highway and then Madhya Pahadi Highway. Some distance of walk is also needed to reach the fall leaving the highway. It is at about 9 to 10 Kos of distance from district headquarter Myanglung. It is nearly a 7 hours walk from Basantapur itself. So it can be an adventurous trekking if one decides to go on foot.

Where to stay?

There are not sufficient hotels and lodges near or around the fall as it is in between the jungles. We should get back to the Sankranti bazaar or Myanglung or search for home stays nearby.

Hyatrung Jharana can absolutely be a wonderful destination for nature lovers, hike lovers and all those young and energetic souls.

Article written by: Anu Wasti for Land Nepal