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Why Oracle Stock Fell 12% in September The Motley Fool

The stock currently trades about 30% below its 52-week high of $219.94. AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine still isn’t available in the U.S., though. The company secured regulatory approval for its vaccine in Europe, but the relationship between AstraZeneca and the European Union has been a rocky one. AstraZeneca and the EU were embroiled in litigation over allegations that the drugmaker failed to fulfill its supply commitments before reaching a settlement in September 2021. Also learn about any issues the vaccine makers have experienced.

  • In the best-case scenarios, then, it could report between $32 billion and $37 billion in revenue.
  • You’d probably have missed out on at least some of the recovery gains in the process.
  • Treasurys fell Tuesday as investors swarmed for safety amid the Israel-Hamas war.
  • By helping doctors provide more care to more patients, Teladoc is serving a critical role in the battle against COVID-19, particularly as hospitals and other treatment centers reach their maximum capacity.

Microsoft’s (MSFT, $223.29) positioning among coronavirus stocks actually goes back to 2014. The stock had been in the doldrums for years, but Satya Nadella’s ascent to CEO changed that – in large part because of his push to cloud services. Nintendo (NTDOY, $72.70), in many corners, was one of the biggest headlines of the pandemic.

Teladoc Health

Even companies that have obtained the necessary regulatory authorizations can encounter problems that ultimately prevent them from achieving commercial success. But two things investors should watch are if other cloud companies get more competitive in the database segment, and if Oracle can viably compete in cloud infrastructure, coming from a distant fourth place. Joe Tenebruso has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Peloton Interactive, Square, Teladoc Health, and Zoom Video Communications. And there’s no asset perceived as safer — while remaining liquid — than a U.S. Unless you need your money in the immediate future or believe you have invested in industries unlikely to recover, for most investors it may be the wisest choice to keep your money right where it is.

Costco (COST 0.54%) is easily one of the best growth stocks in retail. The company’s unique business model of offering wholesale products at market-low prices for an annual subscription fee has won over shoppers worldwide. Its success delivered revenue growth of 59% since 2019, with operating income rising 71%. Typically, we see some mixture of trading on forex, best tips and guides for traders short-term available assets immediately, such as cash or cash equivalents, along with more traditional investments in stocks and bonds. Its Azure cloud platform has been the belle of the ball, growing 48% year-over-year in the latest quarter. The continuation of its strong performance in 2020 has led shares to a 41%-plus year-to-date gain.

The payment processor earns money from every in-person swipe of a credit or debit card. As businesses open up and consumers begin to physically visit stores again, Square should benefit from the increase in face-to-face transactions. Although the stock currently trades about 16% below its 52-week high, as a darling of Wall Street, it trades at a lofty P/E multiple of 332x earnings.

  • The federal government has already committed to buying 500 million doses of the vaccine plus another 500 million to donate to other countries.
  • Here are my picks for the three best coronavirus-related stocks to buy for long-term investors.
  • More importantly, the company’s long-term prospects will be cemented.
  • Zoom has had its fair share of privacy and security issues, but its user base has nevertheless exploded to 200 million people per day, up from roughly 10 million at the end of last year.
  • But 29 analysts call it a Strong Buy or Buy, versus five Holds, two Sells and one Strong Sell.

The company has strategically created an interconnected ecosystem for its products that discourages users from straying to the competition. Its dominance in the market has seen its revenue soar 52% over the last five years, with operating income up 87%. Analysts’ consensus price target of $241.72 implies a modest 8% gains over the next year. But they clearly see Microsoft in an overwhelmingly positive light – 33 of 35 pros covering the stock consider it a Buy. “Microsoft is one of the few companies showing continued momentum in the face of COVID-19 disruptions,” writes Argus Research’s Joseph Bonner (Buy). “CEO Satya Nadella has pivoted Microsoft toward high-value commercial and cloud application businesses, just the right product set as enterprises rapidly move to the cloud and remote connectivity.”

Focus Your Investment Portfolio Around Funds

Citigroup reported a profit of $3.55 billion, up a modest 2% from a year earlier, or $1.63 a share. The bank is currently going through a restructuring and winding down some less profitable parts of the financial conglomerate’s business, which impacted the bank’s profits this quarter. Teladoc (TDOC -0.16%) provides telehealth services that allow doctors to offer medical consultations via videoconferencing apps on patients’ computers, tablets, and smartphones.


As a group, internationally oriented stock funds fared even worse. If you don’t have a solid plan yet, a downturn is a great time to start. Most basically, stock and legacy fx broker review bond prices will be lower than they were just a short time earlier. Everything points to the increased use of lightweight composites in Hexcel’s key end markets.

Panic and Pessimism Aren’t Profitable

Before investing in a COVID-19 vaccine stock, find out about the status of the company’s vaccine. Many companies already have vaccines on the market, while others may or may not win regulatory approvals. Throughout the year, Oracle had positioned itself as an ascendant AI player, along with the other three major cloud infrastructure stocks. Since last year and through early 2023, the company highlighted its close partnership with Nvidia, being one of the first clouds to offer Nvidia’s DGX platform and other cloud-based services.

Its customers include 53% of the Fortune 500, more than 800 retailers, over 320 financial services firms, at least 225 game publishers, over 225 broadcast and pay TV networks, and 50-plus social media providers. But the performance of AKAM shares – up 19% year-to-date – has put it on a first-name basis with many investors in the know. While many so-called coronavirus stocks might have reached the end of their COVID-related bump, these picks still look attractive well beyond 2020. But Teladoc’s long-term prospects appear to be bright regardless of what happens with COVID-19. Its virtual care solutions are cost-effective for payers and convenient for patients. Even as others jump into the telehealth market, Teladoc remains the clear leader.

Sure enough, in Q2 2020, Alphabet reported its first quarterly revenue decline in company history. That said, the 2% decline was still better than most analysts expected, and the company bounced back in Q3, growing revenues by 14% year-over-year and net income by 62%. Thirty-nine analysts have PYPL among their buy-worthy coronavirus stocks, while just six say Hold and a lone pro says Sell.


Bob Sullivan is a Peabody-award winning journalist and the author of five books, including New York Times Best-Sellers, Gotcha Capitalism and Stop Getting Ripped Off! He spent nearly two decades working at MSNBC.com and NBC News, and he still appears on TODAY, NBC Nightly News, and CNBC. He now writes The Red Tape Chronicles column at RedTape.Substack.com and hosts a podcast about the unintended consequences of technology. “People are often waiting on something…’I’ll invest when the dust settles…I’ll invest when the vaccine gets here.’ Well, for people waiting, that boat has already sailed,” he says. With all the noise of market volatility, It can be tempting to try to wait out for a “best” time when the market has steadied and is on a consistent upward trajectory. Though it might not seem like it, that inertia can be a mistake in and of itself.

Earnings in 2021 will therefore have easy comps to the numbers posted in 2020, especially since consumers are likely to return in droves to those types of venues. While you’re waiting for earnings to kick in, the company will pay you a hefty dividend of over 3% for holding the stock. In addition to the dividend, analysts expect to see the shares trading at $60.45 one year from now, about 12% above current levels. In addition to accurate testing and effective treatments, social distancing remains one of the best ways to slow the spread of COVID-19. As millions of people are forced to remain at home due to the disease, Zoom’s video conferencing technology is being used by thousands of schools and businesses to communicate with students and employees. Zoom has had its fair share of privacy and security issues, but its user base has nevertheless exploded to 200 million people per day, up from roughly 10 million at the end of last year.

Moderna also has 15 other candidates in clinical trials and plans to heavily invest in expanding its pipeline. Several drugmakers have already won an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the tokenexus’ opinion according to the general defi sector U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their COVID-19 vaccines, with two also picking up full FDA approvals. Some hope to receive authorization or approval in the not-too-distant future.

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