How to use the LimeFxFX Copytrading App


Users can access unlimited virtual equity with flexible leverage. Before selecting traders to copy in LimeFxFX Copy Trading, it is essential to analyze their historical performance. Evaluating performance metrics such as average returns, drawdowns, and consistency over time provides insights into a trader’s capabilities and risk tolerance. By choosing traders with a track record of consistent profits and manageable drawdowns, investors can increase their chances of achieving long-term profitability. Analyzing historical performance helps identify traders who have demonstrated their ability to navigate various market conditions. LimeFxFX Copy Trading is built upon the concept of social trading, where investors can automatically replicate the trades of successful traders.

By following a few simple steps, investors can set up their LimeFxFX copy trading account and begin copying trades. Communication and transparency are valuable qualities to consider when selecting traders for copy trading. Some traders provide regular updates, market insights, and explanations of their trading decisions.

  • Add support funds to protect the investment from unexpected market movements.
  • The broker also applies 3D secure Visa authorization when processing credit and debit card transactions.
  • Choose the payment system according to your convenience, not cost effectiveness.
  • LimeFxFX Copy Trading is built upon the concept of social trading, where investors can automatically replicate the trades of successful traders.
  • Education is one of our main values as a broker, as it helps traders improve to achieve their financial goals.

Therefore, while historical returns can be a valuable reference, they should not be the sole criterion for selecting traders to copy. The company’s mission is to provide outstanding forex and CFD trading services, via cost-effective, transparent conditions on a worldwide scale. The broker offers 80+ trading instruments including currency pairs, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. The overall score might seem lower than what each category’s score indicates.

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You can set up copying in equal, double, or triple volume or you can specify the preferred copy proportion manually. You can also add support funds to increase your investment. Education is one of our main values as a broker, as it helps traders improve to achieve their financial goals. That’s why we’re so glad to receive the Best Educational Broker 2023 award from Holiston Media.

When participating in limefx forex brokers reviews, one of the critical steps is selecting the right traders to copy. The success of your copy trading experience depends largely on the traders you choose to follow. Here are some important factors to consider when selecting traders for copy trading on the LimeFxFX platform. There is also an integrated economic calendar as well as two major accounting modes for greater flexibility; hedging and netting.

This level of transparency can provide additional context and understanding of their strategies. Additionally, MT4 offers nine timeframes, four pending order types and one-click trading. Investors should regularly review the performance of copied traders and adjust their allocation accordingly. It is crucial to monitor the performance of each copied trader and evaluate their contribution to the overall portfolio. If a trader consistently underperforms or deviates from their stated strategy, it may be necessary to reduce or eliminate the allocation to that trader. Similarly, if a trader consistently performs well, investors may consider increasing their allocation.

  • Similarly, if a trader consistently performs well, investors may consider increasing their allocation.
  • It can also be a good choice if you are looking for a company that makes forex copy trading as easy as possible.
  • When we used LimeFxFX’s trading terminals, the new order process was similar and relatively straightforward.
  • They may answer questions, provide insights into their trades, or share their analysis.
  • 5.3 The volume of any order is rounded to the nearest hundredth decimal point (the second digit after the decimal).

The minimum volume of the copied trade is 0.01 lot, the maximum volume of a copied trade is 100 lots. Once the service is activated, the trades will be copied to the Copier’s account regardless of whether the owner of the account is signed in or not. As part of the profile completion process, investors will also need to go through the identity verification process, which is an essential aspect of LimeFxFX copy trading. This involves submitting relevant identification documents, such as a passport or driver’s license, to verify their identity.

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LimeFx Markets Cyprus Ltd and LimeFxfx India Private Limited are owned by LimeFx markets incorporated. LimeFx markets incorporated is a privately owned company and the exact owner and ownership structure are unknown. The minimum deposit is USD100, regardless of what type pf account you choose to open. After using the educational resources offered by LimeFxFX, we are confident that there is plenty of information for both beginners and experienced investors. Note, some local payment methods may also be offered depending on your country of residency.

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Staying vigilant and proactive in monitoring the performance of copied traders is key to maximizing profits and minimizing losses. In addition to allocation adjustments, effective risk management is vital in LimeFxFX Copy Trading. Investors should define their risk tolerance and set appropriate risk parameters.

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Look for positive feedback, comments on performance, and overall satisfaction with the trader’s strategy. For example, if you prefer more frequent trades and shorter holding periods, look for traders who specialize in day trading or scalping. On the other hand, if you have a longer-term investment outlook, consider copying traders who hold positions for several days or weeks. LimeFx Markets Incorporated is the international branch of the broker. The company was established in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and is regulated with licensing from the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA).

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The Bonus amounts 50% of the funds invested at the beginning of copying the Master. In this case, they will receive the IB commission with a coefficient of 0.5 and the commission for copying in full. Amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to the Copier or Master Trader. Such amendments take effect the moment they are published on the Service site in these Terms and Conditions. 9.3.reduce the commission set by the Master Trader and limit its maximum value for all her or his Master Accounts without prior notification or providing any explanation.

LimeFxFX is a forex, CFD and copy trading broker offering the MT4 and MT5 platforms. In this 2023 broker review, our experts log in to the personal area and uncover the key features, including leverage, demo accounts, regulation and more. Please note that the answer to this  question might depend on where you live.

This approach allows investors to capture different market trends and potentially benefit from the strengths of multiple traders. When we used the LimeFxFX demo account, it was good to see emulated live market conditions and real-time prices. Paper trading accounts are a great way to practice investment strategies risk-free and learn platform terminal features and tools.

This is the company that LimeFxFX uses to offer forex trading within the European Union. Accounts belonging to traders who reside within the European Union will be placed within this company and will see their accounts regulated by CySEC. CySEC offers much better legal protection, and your legal protection is, therefore, a lot stronger if you open an account with LimeFx Markets Cyprus Ltd.

Keeping up with financial news, market analysis, and educational resources related to copy trading can help investors make informed decisions and identify potential opportunities. By staying informed, investors can adjust their copy trading strategies based on changing market dynamics and optimize their chances of success. By clicking on the “Copy” button next to a trader’s profile, investors can initiate the replication of trades automatically. One of the primary considerations when selecting traders to copy is their performance history and track record.