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Dark Cloud Cover Pattern What Does it Mean?

The third strategy focuses on the SuperTrend indicator, one of our favorites, which complements candlestick patterns well. To show a live trading scenario, we decided to trade on a unique market, available only on Morpher, which is AZUKI NFTS, a famous NFT art project. This trend indicator shows when to stay long and when to enter a short position.

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  • This candlestick pattern is easy to identify because its formation reflects its name.
  • A higher opening gap up by way of the dark cloud cover candle translates to a significant downward reversal trend.
  • The following candle, White Spinning Top, cancels the Dark Cloud Cover pattern (closing price above the pattern’s second line).

Traders can make use of this pattern together with other types of technical analysis. For instance, traders might look for a strength index higher than 70. A trader may also look for a breakdown from an important level of support after a dark cloud cover pattern as an indication that a downtrend may be on the way. Just like many other trend reversal patterns, the dark cloud cover pattern depends on its location.


It’s a popular and simple strategy that helps you to identify entry and exit points. In addition, the dark cloud cover strategy can help you better manage risk by providing a clear entry and stop-loss level. By setting stop-loss orders and following the rules of the strategy, you can limit potential losses and improve your overall risk management and trading discipline. It’s important to keep in mind that using a shorter timeframe increases the risk of false signals, while using a longer timeframe may result in missed opportunities. So, traders should consider the timeframe that best aligns with their individual trading styles and goals. It may even be wise to trade the strategy on multiple timeframes at the same time to help diversify the strategy and spread risks.

  • The Dark Cloud Cover is a classic bearish reversal pattern, which appears at the end of an uptrend.
  • An investor could potentially lose all or more of their initial investment.
  • If you’re interested in mastering some simple but effective swing trading strategies, check out Hit & Run Candlesticks.
  • Feel free to ask questions of other members of our trading community.

Our watch lists and alert signals are great for your trading education and learning experience. Historical price movements can’t be used to indicate future price movement, but you can still explore trends and learn from them. Below is an example of the Dark Cloud Cover pattern in forex, specifically, the GBP/USD forex pair.

It’s important to remember that the dark cloud cover pattern is only applicable to candles with large bodies. Smaller candles with larger wicks often aren’t strong enough to drive a momentum shift. Larger-bodied candles suggest a more decisive move down, which can be a significant factor in predicting price trends.

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The market is moving upwards when a large bullish candle appears making a new high. The next day the price gaps upward making yet another new high, so far the bulls have been completely in charge. However, instead of the price continuing to go higher, the price begins to sell off and sells off so much that it ends up eliminating over half of the gains of the bullish candle on the previous day. Essentially the new highs of the past uptrend have been rejected, the bears have had enough. Both patterns suggest a bearish reversal, but the Dark Cloud defines an ideal entry-level because of the higher close of the bearish candle against the bullish candle.

How does a Dark Cloud Cover Pattern look like?

Hundreds of markets all in one place – Apple, Bitcoin, Gold, Watches, NFTs, Sneakers and so much more. Even better, you get the rules with Amibroker or Tradestation/Easy Language code (in addition to plain English if you like to code yourself, like putting it into a Python trading strategy, for example). BlackBull Markets is a reliable and well-respected trading platform that provides its customers with high-quality access to a wide range of asset groups.

In other words, the first candle is a trending candle which is a lighter candle. The Dark Cloud Cover pattern is a candlestick pattern that signals a potential reversal to the downside. Further, the pattern is characterized by black and white candlesticks that have long real bodies and short or absent shadows.

However, a conservative trader may wait for the exit, if the price continues to decline. Traders holding a long position perceive the dark cloud cover pattern as a signal for taking action on the second day by recovering the long position below the low point of the succeeding dark candle. Another factor which makes the pattern significant is when it occurs close to a major resistance level.

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A dark cloud cover pattern consists of two candlesticks that form near resistance levels where the second candle covers half or part of the first candle. Typically, when the second candle forms, it cannot hold above the first candle and causes a failure. In this example, the Dark Cloud Cover occurs when the third bullish candle is followed by a bearish candle that opens higher and closes below the midpoint of the last bullish candle. The pattern successfully predicted a downturn in the following session where the price moved nearly seven percent lower. Traders utilize other methods or candlestick patterns for determining when to exit a short trade based on Dark Cloud Cover. Traders may use the dark cloud cover to inform their selling decisions.

Diminishing prices encourages the bulls to invest more, and the bears start selling at higher price levels. In this scenario, the supply level is far greater than the level of demand, and the prices are automatically pulled down. If you’re looking for a platform that offers all of these features, Morpher is a great choice. The technical analysis definition is a trading tool and method of analysing financial…

The dark cloud cover strategy can help improve your trading performance by providing a method to profit from short selling in bearish market conditions. By recognizing the dark cloud cover pattern and short selling when a bearish reversal is confirmed, you can potentially capture profits from price declines. The appearance of a dark cloud cover forex pattern tends to forecast a bearish reversal after a price advance. Note how volume showed a clear increase during the formation of the second red reversal candlestick of the pattern. This was a clear indication that sellers were starting to gain the upper hand and that a high probability reversal was imminent. Traders will often use additional confirmation methods, such as indicators, to help them spot the forex candlestick patterns with the highest-probability setups.

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Two lines of the Dark Cloud Cover need to appear as long lines which emphasize their power. The second line of Dark Cloud Cover forms a strong resistance zone.The second occurrence of Dark Cloud Cover is very similar being again confirmed by the presence of Turn Down pattern. The resistance zone created by the first Dark Cloud Cover pattern is working, stopping the market increase.


The Dark Cloud Cover pattern appearing near resistance provides a short signal and should there be enough momentum, could turn into a breakout trade – as it did in this example. The three black crows is a 3-bar bearish reversal patternThe pattern consists of 3 bearish candles opening above the… Another reason traders find this beneficial is that the pattern can be found close to the level of resistance. If the volume is high during the candle formation, there are more chances of a reversal to occur.

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