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Kimathanka is located at Bhotkgola Rural Municipality of Sankhuwasabha District of  Nepal. It is considered the most remote Himalayan village of Nepal. It is also the border between Nepal and China. It lies at an altitude of 2476-meters from sea level. This place is a small village with less than 400 people living in 50 individual households. Kimathanka situated in the remote part of Nepal is one of few northern border crossings having human settlements. It is also the place laying at in low altitude compared to another possible northern border crossing with China.

Kimathanka is one of the remote Himalayan villages of Nepal where the majority of people in this area are Bhote. The people living in this area belong to Tibeto-Burman stock and most of them follow the Buddhist religion. People living in this area have unique cultures and lifestyles which is the major attraction for tourists.

Kimathanka is now becoming one of the tourist destinations. The village is surrounded with the natural beauty and has lots of potentials to attract the tourist. However, less promotion about the place has lesser the number of tourist in this area.

The journey to Kimathanka can be started from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. We can take a bus from Kathmandu to headquarter of Sankhuwasabha Khandbari. Khandbari is 642.6 Km far from Kathmandu. The actual trek begins from Khadbari. It is around four days of trekking from Khadhbari to Kimathanka. The best time to visit Kimathanka is in the month of March, April, May, October, and November.

On the way to Kimathanka, we can witness the majestic view of Makalu and other Himalayan Range. The numbers of spring, a small river, and the hills full of snow add more beauty to the way to Kimathanka. We have to cross through the forest having the tree-like Pine, Oak, Fir, Birch, and Rhododendron in order to reach the final destination Kimathanka. The small village like Hatya, Hongkung, Chepuwa, Barun Valley also come in the way to Kimathanka.

Kimathanka lies in the rural part with the difficult landscape. Therefore, we have to cross the steepest and hardest stretch of trail in the way. Breathless ups and downs make the journey more adventurous. Some of the trials to Kimathanka is very narrow and dangerous, so visitor must be careful before taking every single step.

Though the trial to Kimathanka is difficult, the majestic views of the mountain, mesmerizing sound of the waterfall, and the environment full of natural beauty make visitor feels relief. The amusing scene around the trial makes visitor feels heaven on earth.

One of the famous rivers in Nepal namely the Arun River also flows through the Kimathanka village. The flow of rivers adds extra beauty to the small village Kimathanka. The hydropower project Kimathanka Arun Hydro Project (KAHEP) is also being constructed in the Arun River. Local people around Kimathanka also prefer fishing in the ArunRiver during their free time.

All the local people living in Kimathanka are very helpful and always become happy to welcome a new guest. The respect and the grant welcome by locals really make visitors feel so good. So, to witness the unique culture of Bhotes, the beauty of nature, and the lifestyle of remote Himalayan, one must visit Kimathanka.

-Article written by: Anita Khatri for Land Nepal

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