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Ghodetar Bhojpur

The Ghodetar village is located in the Bhojpur district,Eastern Region of Nepal. Dhankuta, the capital of the Eastern Region, lies about 21 kilometers / 13 miles from Ghodetar. Ghodetar is around 193 kilometers / 120 miles from Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu.

Ghodetar is a tiny hill station in Nepal’s Bhojpur district, located in the east. It stands 1520 meters above sea level. It is 80 kilometers from Itahari to Mainamaini through Chatara and Mainamaini which is a village in Udayapur district. Ghodetar is accessible from Mulghat through the Arun River’s hanging bridge, as well as from the Bhojpur district headquarters. For education, there is a higher secondary school and a private secondary school, as well as a health post. It used to be part of the Ranibas VDC, but currently it is centre of the Hathuwagadi Rural Municipality. Ghodetar is a historically significant location. Before Nepal’s unification, this location was known as Majh Kirat, and it served as the country’s capital.We can reach to this Ghodetar after going around thirty kilometers from the district’s headquarters. Mount Kumbhakarna, Mount Makalu, Mount Everest, and dozens of other higher peaks can all be seen easily and beautifully from Ghodetar. There are several little restaurants and hotels where you can stay and enjoy lunch and dinner.

Ghodetar is one of Nepal’s most popular trekking sites. It is situated within the country’s mountainous terrain. Ghodetar is surrounded by magnificent mountains and is completely covered by alpine valleys.In the Ghodetar area, there is Ghodetar bazaar which is one of the best places to visit around Bhojpur . The Ghodetar bazaar is situated to the south of the district. This bazaar is a well-established community market. Villagers from the surrounding villages come to shop and sell their products in Ghodetar bazaar.Ghodetar bazaar is a smaller but beautiful spot. It offers a breathtaking view of the mountains and hills. On the adjacent hillside of the bazaar, there is a lovely public area. Visitors could visit this plaza by climbing a flight of stairs. From here, we have a panoramic view of the market as well as a spectacular sunset and sunrise. Ghodetar marketplace attracts a significant number of people every Saturday.

Ghodetar is a village of the Rai community.  Rai culture, religion, festivals, and language are all closely observed by the villagers.  It is the ideal location for those interested in learning more about the Rai people and their way of life. The local people in the village are all really kind people. Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular from the village attracting many people to visit the place. The village is enriched by greenery hills and spectacular views of the Mountains.

There are so many amazing and beautiful places to visit around Ghodetar area. There is Naagchhanga fall near Ghodetar area and the fall is enhanced much more lovely by the lush forest and spectacular views of the surrounding high hills.We can also visit Siddhakali temple which is a lovely temple consisting of numerous tiny temples and a lush green forest. During festivals, it attracts a large number of worshippers. The optimum time to visit this temple is said to be in the morning. The ringing of bells makes us want for more in the temple area.We can also visit Kawakhola around the Ghodetar area and swimming and fishing are major attractions on the riverbank. KawaKhola’s flowing water is used to produce electricity and for agriculture by the locals.

Around the Eastern region of our country Nepal, there are many other places like Ghodetar that have mystic beauty and such places needs to be developed to attract more people to visit and spend time which can help our country to expand the beautiness that lies here.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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