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Koshi Triveni

The word “Triveni” refers to a point of junction or fusion of three rivers in Nepali language. Koshi triveni is such a point of intermixture of the three main tributaries of the Koshi river to form a bigger Saptakoshi river. The Koshi Triveni, also known as the Saptakoshi Triveni, is located about 8 kilometers north of Barahachhetra in Sunsari district of Eastern Nepal. This trivial point can be reached by foot trail from Barahachhetra and this foot trail from Barahachhetra is extremely dangerous for all travelers due to the very narrow trail on a vertical sloping hill along the bank of the Koshi River, which is known locally as “Akare Bhir.”Saptakoshi triveni can also be reached on motorcycles via a rough muddy road. Alternatively, motor boating service is also available from Chatara to simple but is a bit expensive and is mainly used for entertainment travel or for saving time.

Here, in the Triveni, the three major tributaries namely, Arun from the north and Sunkoshi from the west merge primarily, and Tammar joins them after about 750 meters to form Saptakoshi. The so formed Koshi river basin has a potential to generate 22,000 megawatts of hydroelectricity. Similarly, triveni is also a meeting point of three districts; Dhankuta, Bhojpur & Udayapur and is a popular site in Eastern region. This place has natural, religious and geographical significance as it is the starting source from which the country’s largest river is formed. In addition to this, many pilgrims also visit this place to carry out several religious rituals such as sraddha (memorial to the deceased one of the family), bratabandha, etc. Religious visitors also visit this place at least once after visiting and worshipping other nearby pilgrimage such as Barahachhetra or Jalpa Devi Temple. Besides its religious significance, the fusion of three distinct rivers certainly creates a captivating view and is bound to attract the eye of almost every visitor. Small hills surround the area which makes the view of the location more attractive. This place is overcrowded during Saturdays or other Hindu festivals such as Janai Purnima, during the month of Shrawan.

On the merging point of Tamur river there is a huge stone named “Khuwalung” which is holy stone for kirati peoples here.

The Saptakoshi triveni attracts pilgrims and visitors from all over the world, particularly Hindus from Nepal & India. However, this place is also visited by people for other activities such as boating, swimming, fishing and spending a quality time. The sound of flowing water in this triveni provides a deep sense of relaxation and peace to the visitors. There is a special place for the fish of Koshi river among the regional Terai people. Even professional fish catchers visit this place daily and harvest a large number of fish to sell them either on Koshi barrage or other nearby areas. Although, hotels are not much available here, visitors can accommodate in local homestays that offer an experience of the local Rai culture and taste a locally crafted drink known as taungba. However, visitors from distant places may stay in Dharan or resorts in Chatara as other attraction of the region can be visited easily from there.

The Saptakoshi attracts a huge number of people every year and is managed and maintained in an ideal manner. However, the local people fear that over crowd, ignorance, exploitation and other factors may lead to the pollution of the river fusion and are very much determined to upkeep its beauty and religious significance.

-Article written by: Ujjwal Bhetwal for Land Nepal

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