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Timbung Pokhari

Timbung Pokhari is located on the border of Taplejung’s Sindingwa Rural Municipality and Panchthar’s Yangwarak Rural Municipality. Timbung Pokhari is also well-known as Bhishnu Pokhari. It lies at an altitude of 4335-meter above sea level. It has been spread up in the area of 466m in length and 154m in width. Timbung Pokhari is the right destination especially for Hindu devotees and for the people who want to lose themself in the beauty of nature. It is one of the beautiful and peaceful places, therefore consider as a heaven of the earth.

According to the local people around Timbung Pokhari, it is said a year ago a British investigative team had come to the lake for investigation. During the investigation, they saw a golden ox and cow on the lake. We can still see a golden apparition in the water of Timbung Pokhari. Then they tried to drain the lake to take the cow and ox. But their workers died while digging an opening because of the supernatural power of Timbung Pokhari. We can still see the tombs of the dead workers near Timbung Pokhari. Therefore, every year lots of Nepali and Indian pilgrimage came to worship the supernatural power of Timbung Pokhari.

Timbung Pokhari is named after the Limbu word Timbuk. Symbolically Timbuk means gunshot for the sinners like an explosion in the Limbu language. It is also believed that the lake explodes if there is any bad incident about to take place. So local gives the name Timbuk to the lake which over time got modified into Timbung. It is believed that if someone comes with good intentions their wishes come true.

Timbung Pokhari area is not only important religious but also important naturally. It can be one of the best tourist destinations in Nepal. However, the number of tourist visits in this area is comparatively less because of low promotion. Timbung Pokhari is about 675 KM away from the capital of Nepal Kathmandu. We can take a bus from Kathmandu to Birtamod which takes around 16 hours by bus. Then we can hire a jeep from Birtamod to Betaini or Falaicha from where the actual trek begins.

On the way, to Timbung Pokhari we can see the majestic view of Kanchenjunga which really melts the heart of every people. The mesmerizing views of hills and natural beauty add beauty to the journey of Timbung Pokhari.

Rare flora and fauna can also be observed on the way to Timbung Pokhari. Bickham, Kutki, Padmachal, Jatamasi, Panchaule, and Yarsaguma along with aromatic herbs like Sunpati, Bhairungpani and Sikpale are some of the herb found in this area. This area is also home to different animals like Himalayan monal, Himalayan blue sheep, Himalayan goral, Bear, snow leopard, Musk deer, Red panda, and many more.

To reach Timbung Pokhari, we have to cross the uphill. Therefore, people face difficulties of breathing, vomiting, and headache in the course of climbing hills. The frequent change in climatic conditions also makes some difficulties during the journey to Timbung Pokhari. However, after reaching Timbung Pokhari the crystal clear water of Timbung Pokhari and mesmerizing views of the mountain relieve the visitor.

We can see an almost 270-degree view of the Himalayas from Timbung Pokhari. Kanchenjunga the third highest peak in the world with a height of 8586- meters can be clearly observed from Timbung Pokhari which amuse the visitor.

Due to this religious and natural magnitude of Timbung Pokhari, I would like to suggest all nature lovers and religious people experience the beauty of Timbung Pokhari. Everyone will feel joyful by the attractive scene of blue water of the pond, taller hills, and shining mountains. Therefore, you must visit Timbung Pokhari to experience the eye-catching environment.

-Article written by: Anita Khatri for Land Nepal

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