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Khadadevi Temple

Situated an an altitude of 1985 meters from the sea level, Khadadevi temple lies in the district of Ramechhap, Province Bagmati, in Nepal. Like Kankalini and Shambhunath temples in Saptari, this temple is also believed to be the godly abbot, bestowing true devotees with tremendous power and energy to fight evil forces. From Manthali, a central city in Ramechhap, it is an eight-hour drive to the temple. Buffaloes and other animals and birds like pigeons and hens are sacrificed to God here each day to achieve His blessings. King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who conquered over small kingdoms divided into 22 and 24 states and unified them all into the sovereign land of Nepal , had made a Killa or Gadhi, meaning ‘fort’ to safeguard Nepal from the British rule, which had then been ruling India under the name British East India Company. He built the fort in the vicinity of the temple, and the temple was visited by the King Prithvi Narayan Shah who was invigorated by the God to drive the foes away.

The Khadadevi temple derives its name from the age long ritual known as  ‘Khado Jagaune’, which means the festivity and prayers for weapons so that they will remain sharp and intact  for victory over any enemies.

-Article written by: Bedu Khatiwoda for Land Nepal

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