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Sukrabare Bazar

Sukrebare Bazaar is the small hill station of Terhathum district, province no 1 in eastern Nepal. The altitude of sukrabarebazzar is 1860 m. It is located in Phakchamara VDCs. It is 11 km away from Sidhuwa that is a point of Koshi Highway. It is the major business hub of Phakcharma VDCs which is now added with chhathar VDC.

To reach Sukrabare Bazar, one can go from Kathmandu to Dharan by road and then drive from Dharan to Sidhuwa via Koshi Highway and catch the east side with a rough road. The public buses are also available from Sidhuwa but as the road condition is bumpy and not very good it is better to have a private vehicle like a car, jeep, sumos, and finally one reaches Sukrabare Bazaar.

There are various caves, rivers, and temples around the Sukrabare bazaar area which are the major source of attraction for tourists. The scenery seen from the height of Sukrabare bazaar is heart whelming. This area is surrounded by a beautiful woody forest.

It is a beautiful place with the pristine panorama of Kumbakarna mountain range and Tamorriver. Rododheren is found everywhere in upper regions. The weather of that place is cool most of the time as the place is situated on top of hills.

Margapokhari and Saurinidanda are two most famous picnic spot where lots of people from different place comes and enjoy. This village is rich in culture and in natural beauty. There are beautiful caves likeChanglyungGufa, ChameraGufa which are considered as the capital place for bats. There is also a pond which is PanchakanyaPokhari. There are some temples also. There occurs a Mela once a year which is known as Rake Mela.

Sukrabare bazaar is also the transit point to go Pachthar and Myanglung. There is a ThalchungMandir where people worship many gods and goddesses. This is a historical place so many pilgrims visit this place.

Every Friday there will be a Haatiya Bazaar which is known as SukrabareHatiya and therefore the name of the place is also called Sukrabare bazaar. People from various places come this place to buy and sell locally produced vegetables and goods. The price of the goods sold there is very reasonable.

Brahmin, Chhetri, and Rai are the major community around this area.the upper region of this area is mainly a wet land that has been protected for afforestation and this region can help to promote tourism of this place.

There are lots of hotels and restaurants that offer tourists very good food and a comfortable stay. There are well-maintained hotels and welcoming staffs who provide really good service for tourist.

As the SukrabareBazzar is a beautiful place with lots of temples, rivers, caves and with an amazing view from its top it is a better place to travel with your family. You can explore the Hatiya of SukrabareBaazar and the beautiful and historical places. You can collect a lot of memory and adventure during traveling there.

-Article written by: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal

The beautiful Pond and Cave around Sukrabare within Chhathar rural municipality

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