Chandrabhoga Gadhi

Chandrabhoga Gadhi

Chandrabhoga Gadhi is a historical place that was like a king fort which is located in the Sambhunath municipality, Saptari district, Province no. 2, Nepal. It is located in the Rupani-Sambhunath Sivalik hill section, outer Terai region in Nepal.

The Gadhi is situated at the village called Kanakpatti and the remaining part of the palace is called Kanakpatti palace. The Gadi is around 4 km away from this village.


The Gadi, hill fort was originally built by the Sen king, king Chandra Sen in the 15th century. The temple of Chandrabhoga was also built by the same king, king Chandra Sen. This place is believed to be the Ekagarh, the palace of Sen kings where they stay during the winter season. Now the palace is destroyed and its remaining is only left.

Before Nepal united, this place was the dynasty of the Sen king, and their kingdom was extended from Saptari district to Makwanpur district. The kingdom of Sen was destroyed by Gorkhalis during the 18th century.

Local people residing in that area:

The local people who reside around the fort area are Muslim, Tharu, Musahar, Teli, Khatwe, some Brahmins, and Chhetries.

Things to explore around the Gadhi area:

The remaining part of the fort which is situated inside a jungle can be explored. There are boundaries of the fort which were constructed during the 15th century by the Sens. The bricks from which the walls were constructed are now rare and ancient bricks. These bricks are similar to the bricks of Lumbini.

Some rare types of stone can be explored. A lot of eye-catching ancient stone sculptures can be explored. The stone and bricks can be seen scattered everywhere in the jungle.

Every year on Baisakh month, the local people visit the fort area and scarify the animals like goats.

In the village near the fort area a small temple, DinaramVadri temple is established and the stone sculpture from the fort are kept and worshipped, this temple can also be explored and the different kinds of ancient stone sculptures can be seen.

The Sambhunath municipality can be explored and the Sambhunath temple which is one of the popular Hindu Temple can be explored. The stone sculpture of the same Gadhi can be explored there also. Lord Shiva is the main god of the temple. Inside the Temple, there is a Sivaling which height is 5 ft 5 inches. People believe that the Sivaling grow by itself and not it has stopped growing.

A big Mela is organized on the month of Baisakh and pilgrims from different parts of Nepal and India visit this temple during this month as well as on the Dashain festival. People offer different animals to lord shiva and sacrifice them in this temple.

The local people’s culture, tradition can also be explored here.

So, the Chandra BoghaGadi is the historical place of the Saptari district where we can explore different ancient stone sculptures, bricks and collect knowledge. There are many other places to explore around this Gadhi. This place is an interesting place to visit.

-Article written by: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal