About us

It is a well-established fact that Nepal is a beautiful country with great potential in terms of agriculture, water resources and tourism. Among them, tourism can be the backbone of Nepal’s development, if the religious, cultural, and historical sites in Nepal can be promoted and exposed to the world.


As a small effort in this global campaign, the website www.landnepal.com was started by registering a firm called “Land Nepal” on the initiative of some youths living in Biratnagar Nepal. Although many websites have been launched so far to promote private tourism business in Nepal, our aim is to highlight and promote each and every place of the country including underrated places as well as cultures and tradition of almost all the ethnicity.


Nepal is a small country, however has immense natural and cultural tourism sites that cannot be visited in a single trip due to geographical conditions and lack of information and services. We, the Land Nepal team, have a broad and specific aim to make each and every small hill station, pilgrimage, monuments, mountains, lakes, etc. popular globally by serving as a search engine for anything related to tourism in Nepal. We hope to get positive support from government, non-government organizations, private and the general public in fulfilling our targeted goal.

Thank you everyone!