Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country located on south Asia. Nepal is bordered on north by Tibet autonomous region of China  and east, west and south by India. It is 48th largest country on world by population (with population about 26.4 million) and 93rd largest country by area. In past it was a country with constituent monarchy but now it is a federal democratic republic country.

Why to visit Nepal ?

    • Nepal has wide diversity of geography from fertile Gangetic plain to top mountains of the
    • Mount everest and most of other eight thousander peaks lies on Nepal for mountain
    • Lumbini, the birth place of Gautam Buddha lies on Nepal.
    • Nepal has wide diversity of ethnic groups and their cultures.
    • Mostly for Hindu peoples there are hundreds of holy pilgrimage sites
    • There are exotic trekking routes and hiking destinations.
    • There are several rivers to enjoy white water rafting.
    • Several National Parks and conservation area preserving many flora and funna.
    • There are many historically interesting places to visit.
    • Bunzee jumping, hot air balloon, zip line, paragliding etc are also available.
    • Nepal is full freedom country and travel cost is very low compared to other countries.

Newari Culture

Tharu Culture


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