Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

We request you to kindly read our terms and conditions thoroughly. Please feel free to write and call us for any confusion. We are always available in email, facebook, viber imo and Whatsapp.

1) Who can visit our site ?

Any one from all over the world can visit our site without signup and there is no provision of cost to pay us.

2) Who can comment in our posts ?

Any one from all over the world can comment our post on civilized language who have facebook account.

3) Who can use our contents ?

Research person, thesis writer and any other persons can use our contents with prior permission with us.

4) Who and how to advertise on our site ?

We offer advertising service of products and services under the rule of Nepal Government  with the rate as declared by our board of directors.

4) About copyright:

Images, video clips, animations and graphics are free to download from our site but text contents are strictly prohibited to use on other electronic media without prior permission.

5. Sharing our posts:

Sharing our posts is allowed to every visitors