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Pauwabhanjyang Panchthar

Pauwa Bhanjyang is extremely pleasant fascinating place to travel in pachthar, especially during hot season to enjoy cool weather. Bhanjyang means crossing point of a hill. Pachthar is full of sloppy, heigh hills and natural beauty attracting many visitors of plain region. It is situated on Mechi highway, phidim bazzar in Pachthar district, province no1, Nepal which is about 120 km far from Birtamode Jhapa. Visiting Pauwa Bhanjyang will leave you speechless, then turns you into a story teller. Pauwa Bhanjyang hill station is at the altitude of 2498 meters from sea level. Being on National highway(Mechi highway), it is isolated from gathering and disturbances. During winter season one can enjoy snowfall. In the clear weather you will be amazed by fascinating view of Phidim bazzar, Pathivara danda, mount Kumvakarna, Annapurna, Machhapuchre, Kanchenjungha etc.

Whether the place is cold, after observing those beautiful views will make one feeling cost and wondered. Your breath will be taken away by the scene of beautiful green hills and silver Himalayas in sight of you. Fresh and cool wind purifies and caress you, drive off your sadness and empowers your soul. Other beautiful attractive places like Ranitar, Sadhutar, etc are also near the Pauwa Bhanjyang. Samdhi Temple of Kirant Mahaguru Falgunanda is historical monument which must not be missed by one near Pauwa Bhanjyang next to Army camp and telicom tower. The place above Kanchhi dokan is a temple named Lubrikot believed as the place where Kiranti Mahaguru Falgunanda was enlightened. Falgunanda is known as Mahaguru (the great teacher) especially among Limbu, Rai, Sunuwar, Yakhha, Lohorung, Dhimal, Jirel etc. These caste belong to Kirant relligion and they worship to nature. He is credited for the continuation of the ancient Kirant religion on Puritan principles. The principles include vegetarianism, ban on alcohol and following Limbu traditions and scripts. Mahaguru Falgunanda is remembered for his sociocultural and rilligious messages. His main message was calling for a ban on animal sacrifice.

History says that since this sacrifice (taboo) raises social expenditures on celebrations such as birthday, weddings and funerals. He also calls for the elimination of social orthodoxies and supports running a school for children, especially through their mother tongue. So, I am sure you must be excited to visit Puwa Bhanjyang, really important place for collecting information about history of Kirant relligion and naturally gifted. Around Pauwa Bhanjyang Bazzar, there are plenty of natural beauties including Apple farm, many species of bryophytes, pteridophytes, Chutro, aiselu and many others. This place contains the feature of Neplease cultural harmony. One can easily know about the culture original inhabitants, enjoy the peaceful and heavenly beautiness of it’s heigh hills. It is naturally and historically beautiful place serving adventorous and pilligrims to explore their soul and energy. This is the best destination for visitors which must be visited once. What are you waiting for?

-Article written by: Mandira Thulung for Land Nepal

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