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Gokulam Resort

Gokulam resort is located on east of Itahari city within Sundar Haraicha Municipality of Morang district. In the eastern region of Nepal, this beautiful resort is located. It has beautiful scenic beauty within the resort. It is one of the best gateways which offers us high-class amenities. It was founded to give the beautiful experience of city life on a budget. This resort can accommodate 70 groups in one day and the cost for one person is not much it’s 50 rupees in Nepalese currency. This place has 14 huts which are well equipped with all the facilities of water, electricity, and toilet for both ladies and gents. There is also a children’s fun park which is free for the children to enter there. You can see mini Dharhara, Taj Mahal, Eiffel tower and such things too.

Facilities for camel riding and horse riding are also available there. If one plans to stay there for some time then they have the facility of lodging too. One beautiful restaurant is also available where you can get varieties of items which are vegetarian and non-vegetarian. This restaurant is popularly known for sekwa, mutton, chicken, abaviate-batttai, organic fish cultivated at our pond. A bar is also available there. It’s a good spot for a picnic for more than 70 groups of people per day. It is economic as its entrée fee 100 rupees per person. There is a dragon ride which is again very cheap and affordable. One can even do boating there as they have two types of boating that are normal boating and swan boating. A life jacket will be provided for boating.

Rock climbing is going to be introduced soon there. This place is filled with refreshing things all around. If you want to go for a break with family, friends, or alone then this could be affordable and refreshing too. There is a parking lot too which is free of cost. One can even go for a dry picnic there and return in a day too. Locker facility introduced there which makes the individual trip more comfortable. There is no charge for the locker facility. If you want a place for a shoot then you can book this place too. They charge around 2500 (according to current information) for a day shoot. This pace also has program halls with ac which can be booked for parties and different programs. Gokulam is a beautiful place that is in talks of many people for the facility being provided with affordable value. One should for sure visit this beautiful and charismatic place to gain some peace and refreshment.

-By: Sakshi Agrawal for Land Nepal

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