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Melamchi Bazar

Melamchi bazar is one of the famous place of melamchi municipality of sindupalchowk district located in bagmati province. The melamchi valley is narrow and steep Himalayan river valley. It is roughly 75km from Kathmandu valley, due to the narrow road, it will almost take up to 2 hour to reach. You can visit here with your own vehicle or public bus or you can even rent private taxis. You can reach here from Kathmandu valley following banepa, dhulikhel which is famous route or can take from sankhu also. The best time to visit here will be between October to January. It directly connect langtang national park. Due to slope, it is also very famous for trekking. You can enjoy the natural vies including mountains. It is not most dense and is also culturally diverse including Brahmin, chhetri, tamang and newar most where their main language is Nepal language and Nepali language.

The lower part of melamchi has moderate climate while upper part is usually cold. We can expect heavy rainfall in monsoon. The people who had got benefit by tourism is significantly less. However, Places like Helambu, Nakote, Melamchi Ghyang and Tarke Ghyang are famous for tourism aspect. Trekking to melamchi upper region following helambu and towards lagtang national park is famous. If you are searching for quiet and less crowded place for trekking than Helambu trek is perfect place. Because of its height, you don’t need any expertise and experience for trekking. It will roughly take 10 days. Since it lies in hilly region, you can see biological diversity including sal forest and Broadleaved Forest, Schima-Castonopsis.

Melamchi valley is famous because of Melamchi River, where we can found different species of fish and other aquatic animal. It is also used for irrigation by locals. Melamchi water supply project is one of biggest project for Nepal because government has decided to supply water of Melamchi River to the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu and Kathmandu valley. Through tunnel of length near to 26 km, they had stored water in sundarijal, Kathmandu where they will supply drinking water to residence. Due to the political instability of Nepal, natural disasters like earthquake and flood, the plan was delayed, but now they had started the supply project.

Langtang national park is one of the diverse national park of Nepal. We can experience unique wildlife like rare red panda which cannot be found in other place in Nepal. Panch pokhari, jugal himal, bhairav kunda is reachable place from here. Tea garden famously known as mini Ilam (famous for tea garden and production) can also be the place to visit.

You can easily get the facility of accommodation including hotels, lodge and homestay. If you are planning to visit new place during your holidays it can be one of the best place to stay.

-Article written by: Girish Bhattarai for Land Nepal

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