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Online Jobs in Nepal

Are you dreaming about working from home and making a lot of money? Are you searching for online jobs in Nepal ? Well, don’t worry because you can earn enough money by working within the comfort zone of your home area by doing a little research beforehand applying for the jobs. Today we have unlimited online job opportunities because of the development of the digital era. As like physical jobs, work from home doesn’t demand a lot of experience and technical skills. With or without the specific training, you can easily rule over the home-based internet jobs.

Must Have Things for Online Jobs in Nepal

  • Personal Computer/Laptop
  • High speed Internet
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Basic Technical Skills

We all know that we are going through the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, so most of the physical jobs have been closed for a few months. This is making it hard for all the Nepalese to manage their day-to-day life. As a result, people are desperately searching for the online jobs in google because of which it has been one of the most searched topics at Google in Nepal.

This article is written with the objective of helping the people to get in-depth information about the online jobs in Nepal with zero investment. Also, all the jobs mentioned here are equally suitable for the students who want to take their studies and jobs side by side.

  1. Website design and development

If you are from a technical background and sitting at home doing nothing, then a website design and development job is calling you. If you can create the website as per the demand of clients, design it by giving a different touch and can maintain its functionality, then wake up from the bed and start searching for the website design and development in Nepal at google. You can earn around NPR 60k in average from this job.

  1. Graphics designing

Do you want to be a graphics designer? Well, be ready because it provides work from home opportunities. Today people believe in pictures and get inspired through the images. So, if you have the ability to use the software to design the visual concepts, which will attract the customers towards the certain products, then you can earn around NPR 50k on average. Companies hire the graphic designer to design their magazines, reports, advertisements, brochures etc.

  1. Data Entry Job

Online data entry job in Nepal is one of the easiest and most comfortable jobs. All you need is desktop/laptop, Wi-fi, basic computer skills. If you have all these, then you are ready to apply for this job. You need to enter the data or information into a different Microsoft or database. The easiest data entry job is simply copying the whatever given by the company and converting it into electronic files. However, these jobs also sometimes require transcribing the phone or video conversations into the electronic files. You can earn around NPR 20K on average from this job.

  1. Online Advertising

Online advertising jobs are in the trend because of the increase in the online business. All you need to do is inform the customers about the company’s products online and increase their sales. It can be done through email, social media, mobile, banner etc. You need to have fine knowledge about the promotional concepts and communication skills. You need to meet their targets and you will be provided with enough salary plus extra benefits upon showing the best performance.

  1. Content Writing

One of the coolest ways of making money online in Nepal is by selling your writings. Today everything is limited to online. Every organization like technology company, travel agency, educational organization etc. are providing the information from an online platform. For this purpose, they will need the writers as they lack the in-house writers, resources, time etc. So, they outsource and hire content writers. Thus, if you have the ability of providing quality content with 0%-5% plagiarism, then you can earn around NRS 30K monthly. All you need is research skills, grammatical knowledge, and writing skills.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Because of the development of the digital world, the competition within online platforms has also increased a lot. Millions of contents are competing with each other in the google to come first. So, companies in Nepal are posting thousands of vacancies for those who are experts in SEO. Thus, if you possess the fine knowledge in keywords, meta-title, backward linking, optimizing copy and landing pages etc., then you can earn around NPR 30-40k monthly by staying at home.

  1. Online Training

Today people lack the time for physical classes. So, if you have the adept ability in any of the fields like language, tutoring, web development, graphic design, call centre etc., then you can easily start your online training sessions to transfer your knowledge to them. At first, you might not get enough students, but later with the help of word-of-mouth, you can earn more than NPR 50k monthly.

  1. AdSense Programs (Google & Others)

If you want to work from home without the investment, then you can associate with the AdSense jobs in Nepal. Many AdSense programs such as Google AdSense are there in the world, which are providing earning opportunities. You can simply sign intoAdSense by visiting the Google AdSense website and can upload your blogs and articles there. After the approval from google, you will start to get the ads of various businesses, websites, organizations etc. in your account. Upon the per click on the ads by readers, you will be paid NPR 1 – NPR 100. If the citizens from Australia, USA, Canada click the ads, then you will get a higher price than compared to Nepal, India etc.

  1. Domain Occupying and Selling

Domain occupying and selling is one the hardly found online job in Nepal. However, it can be found easily on the international platform. Here you will occupy the domain provided and registered by ICANN and sell it to another person after making it usable and popular. The price for each domain varies as per its popularity and usability.

  1. Animations

Animation jobs in Nepal are attracting the youngsters today. It is one of the best paid online jobs in Nepal, which includes creating the 2D animator, 3D animator, image editor, background artist, animator character etc. If you have the ability to create the moving images, storyboards that match the script, then you can apply for this online job quickly. The demand for animators is a lot in the market because of the digital era. The fresher gets paid around NPR 20K/month and the experienced one gets above NPR 80K/month depending upon the contract.

  1. Game Development

Well, we can see the craze for games like Pubg, Free Fire among the children as well as adults. Different gaming companies are hiring for the game developer to assist them in technical problems, character design, level design, animation etc. One of the best things about this online job is if your game succeeds and gets popular, then you will earn more than lakhs. However, the job opportunities for game developers are very low in Nepal because of the lack of creativity and technological items.

  1. Programming

Programming is one of the highly available jobs in Nepal. Today many companies in Nepal are operating globally, which demands the need for new software. As a programmer, if you have the skills of writing the codes, developing, and deploying the computer applications, fixing the bus in the exiting codes etc., then you are perfectly suitable for this job. This job is also regarded as a highly paid job because of the requirement of technical skills. If you are experienced. Then you will be paid more than NPR 1 Lakh for this job.

Besides these, there are also many other online jobs in Nepal such as blogging, freelancing, reviewing etc., which can be done with minimal qualifications and skills. We recommend you apply for the online jobs only after the popper research as there are many scams going on the internet, which ask for money to join the training and get contactless. Also, don’t think that you will be rich within a few months by working from home as the payment depends upon the experience. Keep the patience and one day, you will surely be qualified enough to earn around NPR 50K-60K from home. Also, if you have any further queries regarding online jobs in Nepal, you can simply comment down below or email us at landingnepal@gmail.com.

-By: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal



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