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Bhimsen Temple Pokhara

Pokhara, is definitely an example of a perfect city in Nepal. The most loved city Pokhara is full of the natural as well as historical and religious beauties and importances. A trip to Nepal would be incomplete if it did not include a visit to the country’s temples. Temples and other ancient structures are also well-known in Pokhara. Talking about the temples, monuments and arts, The Bindhyabasini and Bhimsen temples are worth seeing in the older area of town. The Bhimsen temple is a 200-year-old shrine to the Newari deity of trade and business, featuring pornographic sculptures. Bhimsen Temple is a tiny two-tiered temple dedicated to the Newari deity of trade and business. It is located in the Old Pokhara town in Bhimsen Marg. It is considered to be the city’s oldest temple. On the doors, windows, pillars, and columns of the temple, complex sexual sculptures and magnificent woodcarvings adorn the façade, while shops selling baskets and pottery line the adjacent plaza. The temple is built in the pagoda style.

The Handcrafted Wooden Ultimate Antique Design is the best feature of the temple. The major attractions are sculptures of Bhimsen, a revered Hindu deity also known as Bhima, crafted by experienced craftsmen. Bhima is the Pandavas’ second son, according to Hindu mythology. The Mahabharata recounts a number of episodes that demonstrate Bhima’s might. During the Kurukshetra War, Bhima is blamed for the deaths of all one hundred Kaurava brothers. He possessed the strength of 10,000 elephants. The Bhimsen temple is a temple that standa right up in the middle of a busy roadway.

Imagine a crystal blue lake with a swarm of brightly colored rowing boats lining the beach. Add in the Annapurna range’s soaring snow-capped mountains, whose reflections shine on the lake’s rear view surface. There you have it: postcard-perfect Pokhara. The most famous tourist town in Nepal is nestled among the most beautiful of landscapes. Aside from its beautiful setting, Pokhara is Nepal’s primary trekking centre, with options ranging from multi-day hikes to a leisurely afternoon walk. Rafting, mountain biking, and paragliding are just a few of the numerous activities offered. There are some ancient stores to peruse sans the high-pressure sales methods that are common in Kathmandu. In one of the welcoming cafés that border the lake, you may enjoy the views of the Alps while sipping coffee or eating lunch. There are also a bunch of new captivating temples and monuments just waiting to be discovered.

Pokhara is home to a large number of religious sites that showcase Nepal’s culture and history. Everyone should go to temples to feel spirituality and calm while learning more about the Buddhist and Hindu religions.

-By: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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