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Big Splash Water Park

While we live in the technological era, the allure of traveling and exploring new places for enjoyment is something that devices will never be able to replace. Particularly in a city like Pokhara. If you want to have a good time in Pokhara during summer or even in the winter, head to Big Splash, Pokhara’s very first and only water park, and experience the incomparable blend of water, sun, and fun.

The Big Splash water park was built on 13 ropani area in Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolis-14, Kudahar. The park was built with an initial expenditure of Rs 110 million by Arya The Resort and Fun Pvt Ltd. Big Splash is located against the background of the majestic Annapurna Mighty Himalayas, far away from the noise, bustle, as well as heat of the busy Pokhara city, which adorns our wonderful city Pokhara for the larger portion of the year.

Big Splash is the epitome of summer fun. It has a diverse range of water slides for visitors of all ages, from babies to adrenaline junkies. A special section has been created just for babies and toddlers, with appealing Disney figure sculptures, splash pools, amusing sprinklers, fountains, and a slide that your children will enjoy. There’s enough to surprise, amuze as well as captivate any child. One disadvantage may be the difficulty you will have reminding your children when it is time to go home at the end of the day.

The adult section includes two brightly colored Straight Rollers and a Wave Slide, all of which have been made of Fiber Glass and Galvanized Iron Structural elements, making them relatively safe to ride, as well as the terrifying Pendulum Slide, that further stands at 30 feet tall and spans 120 feet, and allows riders to float around and around in a large U-shaped slide like some kind of pendulum before coming to a gradual slow down. It is indeed a high-speed ride with such a high level of excitement. The slide truly makes your heart race with anticipation! Needless to say, the Pendulum Slide is the most thrilling ride in the park, but regardless of the slide you select, every activity you do there is well worth your time.

How to get there: When you are in Pokhara, it’s not difficult to get there. The water park is only 4.4 kilometers from the Prithvi Chowk landmark, and after navigating the Prithvi Highwaym traffic, you’ll arrive at Khasi bazar. From there, road markings may indeed be found on every curve of the gravel road, pointing you in the direction of Kundahar, the water wonderland.

Parking facility at the waterpark: The Big Splash waterpark has plenty of parking area and it can handle more than 150 two-wheelers and 25 vehicles at a time. So this beautiful and amazing park, which is set in a tranquil setting and built on 13 ropani land, is ready for the crowds.

Ticketing: The ticketing of the waterpark is simple and appropriately priced according to the individual’s heights. The day pass tickets provide you unrestricted access to the pools, slides, and all of the other attractions.

Facility of changing rooms and lockers: The Big Splash waterpark has gender-specific locker rooms and showers, and if you’re looking for a personal locker to store your stuff, the changing spaces have many of them.

Food facility at the waterpark: Fortunately, Big Splash offers a fast-food area where we may satisfy our hunger. It’s not necessary to leave Big Splash to refuel. The dining section of Big Splash is located within the park’s grounds and provides everything you need to replenish your strength and energy and finish enjoying your game andadventure here in the waterpark

Pokhara’s ‘Big Splash Waterpark’ can let you forget about your problems. Exhilarating multicolored water slides, pendulum slides, and cold blue waters will satisfy your appetite for adventure. On weekends, a huge throng gathers at this well-kept and possibly the best waterpark. However, because of their large number of rides, you will not have to wait long. To sum it all up,The Big Splash waterpark  in the Pokhara city is the greatest spot to enjoy and spend your summer time because of its bright surrounds and lively atmosphere. Therefore grab your swimwear and get ready to have a good time. So, go to the Big Splash Waterpark and enjoy your time here.

-By: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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