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Ram Janaki Temple

Janaki Temple (Ram Janaki Mandir), located in Janakpur municipality in Dhanusa district, is one of the popular and historical religious sites showcasing a fusion of Mughal and Hindu architectural styles. It is a three -storied shrine that is totally composed of stone and marble, which gives it a beautiful bright white colour, and covers an area of 4,860 square feet with an average height of 50 meters. The design of this temple is also regarded as one of the most prominent prototypes of Koiri architecture in Nepal. It has 60 rooms with exquisite lattice windows and towers, all of which are decorated with the Nepalese flag, colored glass, beautiful engravings and paintings.


According to Hindu mythology, during the Treta Yuga, this place (then known as Videha) was ruled by King Janak. His daughter Sita (Janaki), was married to Lord Rama after he was able to beat other seekers during their Swayambar. This ceremony was hosted in in the nearby temple which is now known as Viwaha Mandap. Later, in 1657, a golden statue of Goddess Sita was discovered at this place by Sannyasi Shurkishordas& a temple was built at this spot with a strong belief that Goddess Sita dwelt here. Shurkishordas is also known as the founder of modern Janakpur and is regarded as a great mystic who preached the Sita Upasana philosophy among seekers. There also exists a strong belief among people that King Janak used to worship the Shiva-dhanus at this spot.

Vicinity & Attractions:

This sacred temple is crowded by national as well as international visitors and pilgrims on the festival of Vivah Panchami during November to December. This festival is regarded as the annual festival of this city and the marriage of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita is celebrated by conducting various sacred rituals. The whole premises are covered in exceptional lights and decorations that create a delighted and peaceful environment.

This temple is also popularly known as Nau Lakhey (Nine lakhs) Mandir as the cost of construction of this temple is supposed to be Rs Nine lakhs built by Queen Vrisha Bhanu of India in the year 1910 AD.

This stunning architecture was slightly cracked due to the earthquake in April 2015, and has been reconstructed to match the consistent beauty since its construction.

There is no any doubt that this sacred site is one of the most valuable religious site and attracts a huge number of visitors due to its Vedic religious significance and its captivating architecture.

Article written by: Ujjwal Bhetwal for Land Nepal

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