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Bhutan Devi Mandir

Bhutan Devi is one of the famous temples located in Hetauda ward no 10 in Makwanpur district of Bagmati Province. Bhutandevi temple is situated at a latitude of 27°42’41” and a longitude of 85°02’32”. It is considered as one of the sacred locations for Hindu devotees as Bhutandevi is regarded as the sister of demoness “Hidamba” who was later married to Lord Bhim and gave birth to Ghatokach, during the Hindu mythology Mahabharat era. Goddess Bhutandevi is believed to the reincarnation of Goddess Durga, who is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity in Hindu religion. It is widely believed that devotees visiting this temple with pure heart are blessed with peace and prosperity.

This temple is a unique piece of architecture built in Nepalese Pagoda style by the rulers of the Sen dynasty during the Medieval era. Bhutandevi Temple is considered to be more than a century old as bells and other elements in the temple are found to be 100 years older. However, this temple was renovated in 2028 BS. Inside the temple, there is a statue depicting the goddess destroying Mahishasura, who is trying to revert back to his Human form after taking on the form of a buffalo. Mahishasura terrified everyone, from mortals to saints; even the god could not destroy him according to Hindu mythology. After defeating the gods, he had taken control of all three worlds that had been lost in the fight.

As a result of the defeat, the gods’ fury manifested itself in the form of a mountain that united the power of all three worlds and turned into a woman who destroyed the demon in a nine-day-and-night struggle. Nauratha, or Navaratri, is currently celebrated as a commemoration of this battle. Within the Bhutan Devi temple grounds, there are several minor temples dedicated to gods and goddesses such as Radha–Krishna, Laxmi–Narayan, Shiva, Manakamana Devi, and others, and it is stated that she possesses the power of all of these deities.

A huge fair is organized in this temple for nine days during the festival of Navaratri during Dashain. Visitors from all over the country visit this temple with a strong belief in Goddess Bhutandevi specially during Saturdays or on auspicious festivals. Bhutandevi temple can be reached easily from Hetauda Bus stand via roadways.

Bhutan Devi Temple is a true symbol of ancient Nepali art and culture and has been attracting tourists or devotees from neighboring countries as well. The physical beauty of this temple is mesmerizing as well because it fulfills all the modern architectural as well as Vedic Vaastu principles. There resides a strong belief among the visitors that their problems and grief will be eradicated by worshipping to Goddess Bhutandevi.

This temple is situated in a peaceful premises and provides a tranquil and calm aura upon visiting. One of the major pros of this sacred place is that this temple is not situated in extreme geographical regions as other sacred sites and its major cons is that there are monkeys all around the temple and they might create problems for visitors. In a nutshell, Bhutandevi temple is one of the most significant holy temples for Hindu devotees as it showcases ancient cultural, historical, religious and spiritual traditions and values of our country and thus is highly recommended to be visited by the devotees searching for peace and blessings of the Hindu Goddess.

-By: Ujjwal Bhetwal for Land Nepal


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