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Jhapa Ostrich Farm

Jhapa ostrich farm is located around 4 km northeast of Birtamode city in Arjundhara Municipality ward no 9. This farm can be easily reached and has been developing itself as a popular eco-tourism spot of the locality. This farm is spread at an area of about 10 hectares and houses more than 100 ostriches. Jhapa ostrich farm was established with an aim of establishing a well-managed ostrich meat and egg center in Jhapa district as ostrich farming is a relatively new concept in Nepal. This farm also supplies the meat and eggs of ostrich to nearby districts such as Morang, Sunsari, etc. & has the goal of being the top producer and supplier of ostrich’s meat and eggs.

The price of ostrich meat per kg in this farm varies but Nrs 1500-2500, however its price may range as higher as Nrs 7000 in the international market. Jhapa ostrich farm has been applying various approaches and tactics to influence the cost factors and to decrease its price so that they can reach a huge consumer base. Lowered price of ostrich’s meat means that the domestic price will be far more less than the international price as a result of which exports will increase. Moreover, the demand of ostrich meat and eggs are extremely high in Eastern belt of Nepal and this farm has not been able to meet the daily demand of the consumers. Nowadays, Ostrich red meat is particularly popular since it is low in cholesterol, calories, and fat.

Jhapa Ostrich Farm and its team is dedicated to commercialize this farm & use latest modern technology in order to produce eggs, meat, feather and leather. Ostrich meat is becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious red meat eaters all over the country and this farm aims at meeting the increasing demand in the market. According to the farm manager, Jhapa ostrich farm has also started its preparation in order to provide other services such as farmers training on various practical and theoretical concepts in ostrich farming. They have started to organize trainings, volunteer programs, farm tour, etc. and has been visited by thousands of people daily either of buying meat or learning how to farm or even just for sight-seeing.

Ostriches are a native African bird that are currently farmed for their meat, eggs, skin, and feathers in many nations around the world including Nepal. Adult males stand 2.4 meters tall and weigh around 100 kilograms; females are significantly smaller. Ostrich mating season runs from March to August, and they reach sexual maturity when they are 2.5 years old; females mature six months ahead of males.The ostrich is not only the world’s largest bird, but also one of the most environmentally friendly animals on the planet, despite its inability to fly. It is vital to understand ostrich farming facts such as diet, care, diseases, breeds, and farm administration before starting an ostrich farm.

According to the farm manager, ostrich farming has a huge potential in Nepal and its scope is increasing day by day. Thus, farming ostrich also provides an opportunity for employment and also for foreign revenue generation through exports. For this the government and agriculture ministry should develop & implement more farmer and production friendly incentives and services so that more people will be attracted towards Ostrich farming.

-Article written by: Ujjwal Bhetwal for Land Nepal


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