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Ram Dhuni Sunsari

Ramdhuni is a hindu pilgrimage site located in Ramdhuni Municipality in sunsari district of province 1, Nepal. A beautiful and heavenly place is where Ram Dhuni is located currently surrounded by Jungle where anyone can feel the divine peace within. Briefing about the History: In Treta Yug, after Shanti, the Elder Daughter of the Great Powerful King of Ayodhya, King Janak’s Daughter was married to Great Saint Siringi ; the story of Ram Dhuni starts. After the Maha – Yagya done for the king Dasarath for the need of the Sons which was successful, the King was so much happy with the Saint that he offered to get married to his Daughter Shanta with the Saint. After the arrival of Sons from three Queens named Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Satrugan the palace Ayodhya was in the joy and peace. The Saint [ Rishi ] who married Lord Ram’s Elder Sister used to live in the current place of Ram Dhuni surrounded by vast beautiful Forest.

The divine place now called Ram Dhuni has a very high importance from the time then to now. It is believed by the locals that the place Ram Dhuni has a divine power , anyone who visits the place can feel the eternal peace from within. After the exile of Lord Ram due to some internal affairs for fourteen years, it is believed that Lord Ram took the shelter for some days along with the Prince Laxaman & Goddess Sita, in his Sister’s place. After the declaration of Exile to the Crown Prince Lord Ram, it was so sad and heart breaking news to all the people of Ayodhya that all the people were ready to go along with Lord Ram leaving Ayodhya. It is Ram who convinced harder and requested to all the people to stay at Ayodhya and not to follow them to the exile place.

It is the true and divine bonding of Brother Laxman and wife Goddess Sita that they two also decided to go with the Crown Prince leaving the palace. The three started the journey of 14 years of Exile and started the journey which was all destined before. The Crown Prince while leaving the palace was only Crown Prince, but after the return to the Ayodhya he was titled Lord Ram and Maryadid Purush ( The most Generous & Kind one around the entire World). Anyone can visit the Place Ram Dhuni which is only eight kilometres from Jhumka which is the place in the Mahendra Highway. I can assure you that the place is so divine that once is not enough, #VisitNepal #VisitRamDhuni,. Thank you

-Article written by: Suman Ghimire for Land Nepal

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