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Namche Bazaar is known as the unofficial capital of the Khumbu area and a traditional Sherpa village and it is the last stop before reaching the summit of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Namche Bazaar acts as a “crossroads” for numerous walking routes. It’s a big village with dozens of stores where you may buy gear, food, and other necessities. The main station for expeditions to Everest and other Himalayan peaks in the Everest area is Namche Bazaar, which is located at a height of roughly 3500 meters. It has grown into a tiny, vibrant market town that sells everything from Tibetan antiques to hiking and climbing kit, as well as everything else you would need on a mountain journey. The tourist center at park headquarters provides thorough information on the area’s several climbs, as well as mementos from numerous climbing expeditions and information on the Sherpa people’s lifestyle and culture.

Namche, now a popular tourist destination in the Everest area, was formerly a historic trade post. Tibetan shopkeepers use to sell a variety of goods, and residents traded handmade yak cheese and butter in this area. Even now, Every Saturday morning, a market fair is held in the town, and inhabitants from the neighboring villages come to shop.

How to get there: To reach to Namche Bazaar, you may either hike for one and a half days from Lukla, the nearest operating airport, or take a helicopter directly from Kathmandu or Lukla to Namche.

Things to do in Namche Bazaar: Apart from having a delicious cup of coffee and freshly made pastries, there are various things to do in Namche. You may visit and experience various sites in the town. There are also excellent day treks in the area, making it an ideal location for acclimatization. This vibrant area is home to a diverse range of stores, stalls, pubs, and other attractions. The views on the way to it and on the way back are both breathtaking and dramatic.

Facilities in Namche Bazaar: Namche Bazar have some of the greatest accommodations in the whole region. This town has a broad selection of accommodations to suit your needs, from magnificent resorts to simple ones. All of the lodges are well-built, clean, and comfortable. Because Lukla is just a day and a half away, supplies are accessible, and the lodges are the finest. You can find practically whatever you need here, from a reliable ATM to a cyber cafe. Namche offers a lot of hotels and shops that cater to tourists’ requirements. Due to its prominence, the town has been more commercialized in recent years. The village is densely packed with hotels, restaurants, bars, and stores. Before moving up, this is also the last stop for supplies. There are both branded and local outdoor stores if you need something last-minute. If you’re heading down after your journey and climb, Namche is a great spot to relax and celebrate. Every night, the bars host happy hours. Namche is also home to the world’s highest Irish pu

Best time to visit: Namchebazaar can be visited at any time of year, and the lodges are open all year.The town is busy with tourists and the lodges are completely booked during peak season (March to May & October to December). During the season, all of the stores are open, and the pubs are well rationed as well.Visiting Namche during the monsoon season may not be worthwhile because of terrible weather conditions, and there is a large risk that Lukla flights may be canceled (June to Mid Sept). The monsoon season, on the other hand, brings with it a lush and beautiful magnificence.It is entirely great to visit Namche in the winter, and the town is much more attractive with bright sky and snowfall. The temperature will dip below zero, but you will be rewarded with sights that you would never see during peak season.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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