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Dudh Kunda

Dudh Kunda lies in Solukhumbu district, Province 1, Nepal. The Kunda is exactly situated on the lap of the Mount Lummbur, and you need to follow the route that passes through several traditional villages to get there. From Dudh Kunda ,or on the way to it, you can enjoy having alluring sights of  a number of mountains of the Eastern Himalaya Range , including that of the Everest,8848 metres, the topmost mountain in the world, on the Mahalangur Himalaya Range. Dudh Kunda literally means LAKE OF MILK or MILKY LAKE. It offers you an adventurous trekking experience despite its location on relatively loweraltitude. The Numbur Mountain ,at the foot of which the Dudh Kunda dwells, is called “Shorong Yul Lha” , meaning “protector of Solu Region” ,by the locals.

The Hindus and the Bouddhas regard Dudh Kunda with deep faith and honour because it is said that once you take a dip into the sacred waters of this pond you will washed of all your sins and wrong doings, and can wish for and get whatever you have been hankering for. You may be fortunate enough to see mountain leopards, thars and pheasants on their way. Besides, the trekking will turn you spellbound by the enchanting views of red red rhododendron forests, as the Scottish poet Robert Burns quotes ” My love is like a red red rose, Newly sprung in June”, coupled with the splendidly spectacular mountains that seem as if they keep embracing the blue sky, in the clear weather, and get lost in their playful love and romance.

That Dudh Kunda is less travelled by does not mean that it is less worth visiting. It has already started to be recognized as a graceful visit place because of the pleasure of observing from the close the tallest lofty mountains, and trekking along slender ridges and swampy river valleys. The Kunda salutes you with firm audacity and receives you with warm heart in the cold weather.

Dudh Kunda Trek begins right after you land at Faplu Airport in Solukhumbu.

-Article written by: Bedu Khatiwoda for Land Nepal

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