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Chaudandigadhi is one of the four municipalities in Udayapur district of Nepal. It is one of the municipalities in Nepal having lots of religious, historical and tourism sites. There are 10 wards in this municipality with Beltar as its headquarter. Total area covered by this municipality is 28378 square kilometer. As per the latest census of Nepal (2011) total number of population in this municipality is 48574 living in 10519 individual households.

Chaudandigadhi municipality is named after the historical gadhi (fort) namely Chaudandigadhi. It is situated at an altitude of 1040 meter above sea level. It is 20-22km north from the Beltar. This gadhi has lots of historical evidence. According to the local people, this gadhi was built around more than 300 years ago by a king from the Sen Dynasty. There were also palaces near this gadhi from where the Sen King used to rule the Kingdom. The first King of Chaudandigadhi palace is Jagat Sen and the last King is Karna Sen.

Kalika temple situated near the Chaundandigadhi is one of the temples having lots of religious belief towards the people belonging to Hindu religion. This temple is famous for having supernatural powers of Devi. Lots of hindu pilgrims came to worship the Kalika Devi believing that worshiping Devi will fulfill our wishes.

Recently, with the aim to attract the national as well as international tourist viewpoint is in the construction phase. The viewpoint is located around 700-800m west from the gadhi. Chaudandigadhi is located in the high point of Udayapur district. Therefore, we can observe the whole view of inner terai and different cities of Udhayapur from the viewpoint which is in the construction phase and is going to be finished soon.

Popular Place around Chaudandigadhi


 TriveniDham is the sangam (meeting point) of three rivers Tawa, Kamal and Dudhauli. It is one of the religious places for people following Hindu religion.Every year lots of pilgrims come to take bath in TriveniDham believing that bathing in Triveni will clean the impiety and badness from people.

RautahaPokhari (Lake)

RautahaPokhari is one of the religious lakes located about 40 KM far from Gaighat (capital of Udayapur district). It is located in an elevator 3000m above sea level. On the bank of the lake, we can see the Hindu Temple namely Rautamai temple. Every year on the 1st of Baisakh (1st day of new year according to Nepali calendar), a great mela (fair) is organized. To attain the fair people from Nepal and some parts of India also came every year.

RautahaPokhari is situated between the greenery forest of rural municipality of Udayapur district. The pokhari scenic beauty attracts lots of visitors every year. Different himalayan ranges including world highest peak Mt Everest (Sagarmatha 8848.86m) can also be viewed from this amusing place.

IndresworMahadev Temple:

 IndresworMahadevTemple is the temple of Mahadev (God Shiva) for the people following Hindu Religion. It is considered as the part of Pashupatinath Temple (biggest temple of Hindu situated in Kathmandu and also listed as a world heritage site). Especially on the occasion of teej (biggest festival of women following hindu religion), Shivaratri, Janaipurnima, and so on a great fair is organized.

-Article Written by: Anita Khatri for Land Nepal

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