Myanglung is a municipality and the district headquarters of Terhathum District of Province No. 1 in eastern Nepal. Myanglung is known as the capital of rhododendrons. As the location of myanglung is in moderate elevation so there is a temperate climate for a whole year. A variety of people inhabits the municipality, though Limbus and Newars are the major inhabitants of this region. Nepali is the most commonly spoken language. Cat at Myanglung Bus Park speaks regarding the origin of the name of Myanglung bazaar. There are many tourist destinations in Myanglung/Terathum. One of the places to visit is a lake called chichi lung which is at deurali dada. While traveling, Hilly regions are sparsely populated due to which there are problems in communication, water supply, electricity, and agriculture. As the temperature is moderate the whole year so one can travel Okhaldhunga throughout the year. If you visit Tehrathum, you will be fascinated by the landscape of this district. The places are popular according to the production of that area. As basantapur is famous for preservation of Rhododendron. And in similar way lasune is known for produvtion of garlic. There is a story behind the name of this place and if you go Myanglung you will hear this story often. The story is like there was a Chautari (place to rest for tourists) under a big tree. Two porters had stopped on the Chautari and were just amazed when a pot fell from a fireplace due to some unusual shaking which sounded like cat mews. It made a “Myang Lung” sound and in this way, it was named Myanglung. Myanglung is made of two words which means cat and stone respectively. These words are derived from Limbu words. And many places attract tourists to myanglung. Such as Chichi Lug, Myanglung Bazar, Singhabahini temple of the goddess, and many more. One can travel to Terathum by bus or air as per their wish. Regular bus service is available from Nepal capital Kathmandu to Terathum district that takes around 14 hours of grueling Drive and The Dharan Road and Hile –Basantapur – Terhathum road can be used to access this municipality. One of the airports which are in function nearby is Biratnagar airport. The distance of that airport is around 150km away from myanglung. Myanglung is one the beautiful if you want to visit. The climate is good and you will see a different environment and culture that will gradually develop your interest in visiting many different places in Nepal.

-Article written by: Sakshi Agrawal for Land Nepal

Singhabahini Temple Myanglung

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