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Cable cars are small rectangular aerial and cable-based cars that operate on the same basis as a gondola lift system. The cable car is not a new concept in Nepal. The first cable car in Nepal, the Manakamana Cable Car, was constructed in 1998. Though, the ropeway was developed in 1922 for transport goods in Nepal. Many locations in Nepal are suited for cable car operations. Many temples, particularly those dedicated to Goddess Kali, are located on the tops of hills around Nepal, and thousands of Nepalese, as well as international pilgrims and tourists, visit them each year. Apart from the national government, local governments and private/public businesses are now intending to build cable cars in a variety of locations in order to attract higher number of visitors in Nepal. Two more cable cars are now in operation in the most popular hill locations, and a new cable car is being built. In this blog, we are attempting to provide further information on these four cable cars in Nepal.

Manakamana Cable Car: The Manakamana Cable Car is located in Kurintar, which is 104 kilometers south of Kathmandu. The cable car access reduces the time it takes to get there from a difficult journey to a few minutes. The cable cars have contributed in completing the 10-minute journey to the Temple, which would have taken five hours if not on the cable car. The journey begins with a crossing of the Trishuli River bank (258 meters), and the view of the surrounding hills and deep forest is breathtaking as you mount the slope. The Cable Car company’s key concerns are safety and environmental stewardship. Every day, before and beyond regular operating hours, the cable car is serviced. The cable car takes a rest for 2-3 days every four months, according to the Doppelmayr procedure. The topmost station, at 1302 meters, is near to the Manakamana temple. Manakamana Cable Car Station is 2 hours and 12 minutes from Kathmandu, 2 hours and 30 minutes from Pokhara, and 1 hour and 30 minutes from Narayanghat. The breathtaking sights of the Annapurna Himalayan Range and Manaslu can be observed from the Manakamana temple’s north side. Around Manakamana Temple, there is a market of handicraft stores, weapon shops, and cafés too. There are many restaurants available in Manakamana’s main station and is run by the Manakamana Cable Car Group.

Chandragiri Cable Car: Chandragiri Hills Cable Car service, near Kathmandu, was established in 2016. It is a hilltop from which the magnificent Himalayan ranges of Annapurna and Everest can be seen. The Cable Car is the quickest way to get to the Chandragiri hills. The cable car journey is around 2.5 kilometers long one way. You begin at Godam, Thankot, and travel to the summit of Chandragiri Hills through a breathtaking sight of the lush green landscape. The 38 gondolas here have a carrying capacity of 1,000 people per hour. It takes around 8 minutes to go to the summit of Chandragiri from the lower station, which is around 2.5 kilometers away. There are several activities available at Chandragiri Hills. Shopping malls, children’s parks, playgrounds, and a variety of other facilities are all available. The Chandragiri Cable Car is a lovely journey for a relaxing break from a boring and busy life and to take in the breathtaking natural scenery. In the Chandragirihills, a boutique hotel is being built that will have participatory natural history, paragliding, and a Zipline adventure park.

If you live near or around Kathmandu valley, the Chandragiri hills is one of the best places to recreate and it has been possible due to the adventurous and relaxing Cable Car services there.

Kalinchowk Cable Car: The Kalinchowk Cable Car is Nepal’s third cable car service, which began operations in November, 2018.From Kuri village to the Kalinchowk temple, the cable car service is available. Many people visit this site because it is a prominent tourist attraction near Kathmandu Valley. There is a KalinchowkBhagawati temple where many people gather to worship. In Dolkha, Nepal, the KalinchowkBhagawati Temple is a renowned Hindu shrine. It is simpler to reach the summit of the KalinchowkBhagwati (3842m) after the cable car service, which is one of the greatest sites to visit in Nepal. In the winter, it is one of Nepal’s top ten finest locations. On a clear day, the eastern side view of Kathmandu valley can be viewed from Kalinchowk top, which includes LangtangHimal, Ganesh Himal, Shisha Pangma, DorjeLakpa, JugalHimal, Gauri Shankar, and others. The cable car access makes it a more safe and accessible destination for guests. In the winter, Kalinchowk is also a favorite destination for snowy fun.

Sarangkot Cable Car: Annapurna cable car Pvt Ltd is building a new cable car service in Pokhara that will run from Phewa Lake to Sedibagar, Sarangkot. In Pokhara, the cable car service will be extraordinary and it will provide awesome services. The cable car service will undoubtedly make it accessible to all types of people.Views of snow-capped mountain ranges, dawn and sunset, Phewa Lake, World Peace Stupa, and the grandeur of Pokhara city are all available to visitors. The cable car will provide guests with an even more spectacular experience in Pokhara.

Looking at all these services and technologies, one thing we can be sure is that our country Nepal is on the way to development and slowly Nepal is being headed towards the use of technologies and facilities even in the remote areas. The Cable Car services is an example that there is no doubt that the future of our country is being shaped and we all have to support the tourism sectors here and promote them.

World’s longest cable car is proposed to construct in Nepal joining Pokhara and Muktinath.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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