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Uttarpani Technical School

Uttarpani Technical School established in 1924 is a governed school under the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) and the technical school has already been providing TSLC programs in Veterinary JTA, Plant JTA, Veterinary Junior Technical Institute (VJTA) Junior and Technical Assistant-Plant Science (PJTA). The technical school is located in Uttarpani, Dhankuta, and it is the best technical school providing the highest quality technical education in Dhankuta. Because of this technical school, thousands of people residing in the eastern rural area are being able to get technical education to sustain and have quality life. The Uttarpani Technical School has become the prime school for the eligible candidates around the whole area serving technical education.

Uttarpani Technical School (UTS) is located 3 kilometers south of Tongbachok in HileBazzar, and is a pleasant and academic area for students to learn. Here, the weather is always cool and pleasant.The first TSLC trainees were enrolled in 1984. The school’s physical infrastructure was built with the help of HMG/N and the Overseas Development Agency (ODA). In 1992, ODA funding finally ended. In the beginning, UTS offered a 7+3 TSLC curriculum, which was later converted to a 10+2 TSLC program in 1992.On a private basis, the school has now begun a 15-month TSLC training program in livestock and agriculture.  Since 1992, the school has been offering a one-year livestock upgrade program for TSLC graduates, known as the JT program. In addition, UTS offers community service and short-term training in agricultural and animal management.

Looking at the history of this technical school, In the JTA and JT programs, Uttarpani Technical School has previously trained 1924 students. There are 1444 students in the TSLC program, 598 of whom are female, and 480 students in the JT program, 46 of whom are female.Currently, Uttarpani Technical School offers a monthly scholarship of Rs.350.00 to 10% Dalits and 10% female students from its catchment districts. The employment percentages for overall graduates, TSLC graduates, and TC grads are 62.32 percent, 96.25 percent, and 62.32 percent, respectively.Technical and administrative professionals are being taught at TITI to improve their knowledge and abilities in order to provide better training and management for the school.

The following programs have been run and conducted by Uttarpani Technical School which includes both the long term and short term courses. There is a 29-month JTA program for the candidates who have passed the test or for the SLC fail.The one-year JT program (Animal science) is for qualified JTAs with at least three years of experience.The 3 years I.Sc. Ag (Animal Science) has been started from the fiscal year 2071/2072. When it comes to short-term programs at Uttarpani Technical School, there are a variety of free one-week to three-month short course trainings in livestock and agricultural (If required, with a talent test).

Uttarpani Technical School in Nepal is a great place to learn about agriculture and through quality and demand-driven training for school dropouts and SLC/TSLC graduates,Uttarpani Technical School creates the basic and medium level workforce supporting the quality education.

The main goal and objectives of Uttarpani Technical School are:

  • To provide high-quality training and encourage people to engage in entrepreneurship and self-employment.
  • To increase more number of income-generating activities for people’s long-term survival, and guarantee that line agencies are involved in technical education in Nepal.
  • To maintain the number of qualified staff around the area providing quality education and promote entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities to the people maintaining the school premises.
  • To maintain the highest level of involvement from the targeted population in the region.

To contact and know various details related to technical education, the phone number for Uttarpani Technical School is 026-540230 and the website address for Uttarpani Technical School is www.uts.org.np.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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