Dolalghat is located in Kavrepalanchowk district in Bagmati province which is a very famous holiday destination for people which is about 56km far from kathmandu. It is situated in the confluence (dovan) of indrawati and sunkoshi rivers. Sunkoshi is one of the major rivers of saptakoshi(biggest river of nepal). This place is quite refreshing. We can enjoy the view of the mountain and also enjoy the riverside view. You will have the best biking experience on reaching here. You can  take a taxi, your own vehicle or public bus to reach here. It will approximately take one and a half hours to 2 hour on a ride from kathmandu. We need to travel through Araniko highway to reach here.

It is one of the famous places to visit outside Kathmandu valley. Natural sources of water helped this place to become popular day by day. People visit here for different purposes. Most people come here with family and with their friends for a picnic to avoid the busy work schedule and crowded environment. This place is also very famous for its cuisine, “local fish” with its varieties. You can find different hotels to taste this meal. Now, the locals have started boat rafting in the Sunkoshi river to attract more tourists. Hundreds of people visit here on a daily basis. During summer and in the new year it is more crowded than usual.

It is also famous for biodiversity, you can clearly see different trees, plants here. Not only this place, when we are coming towards this, we can clearly enjoy the ride through it. The ride between hills in cold weather obviously cheers our mood easily. The weather in Dolalghat is moderate so it is the perfect destination to spend time. It’s better to visit during the workday to enjoy most because it is more crowded on weekends.

It is also one of the famous places for shooting film/music videos and photoshoots. Many nepali movies and music videos are shot here.

This place is also famous for its religious point, the famous dolaleshwar mahadev temple lies here. During shravan month and teej(a famous festival celebrated by hindu) you can see hundreds of people here worshipping shiva.

Suspension bridge is also one of the attractions here. Beside all this it is famous for sightseeing, sunrise and sunset view.  If you like hiking, you can contact a hiking company to reach here.

You can spend some days here as you get a good facility of food and accommodation around this area. You can also find a guest house near it.

This is the perfect destination if you are planning to visit a new place to spend some time and try something new cuisine in the near future.

-Article written by: Girish Bhattarai for Land Nepal


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