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Basic Info
City: Chuchure
District: Ramechhap
Province: Bagmati
Country: Nepal

Situated at Gokul ganga Rural Municipality, district Ramechhap, province Bagmati, Nepal, jatapokhari is north-east from Kathmandu, the central capital city. Panchpokhari is one-plus-half-hour upward walk from Jatapokhari.

Jatapokhari derives its name from the mythical story of Lord Shiva pertaining to Hindu holy books and puranas. As the myth goes, when Lord Shiva was poisoned with halahal or kalkut ( very strong poisonous substance), he walked to jatapokhari and dived into it to soothe the fire of the poison. This lake is also known as the land of peace because Lord Shiva visited it to find peace and observed deep meditation at other times, too. Similarly the lake Panch pokhari derives its name from the myth that five sons of Kunti, called panch Pandavas ( Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, Shahadeva ) visited this pond while at Vanabas, which refers to the hard times of twelve years during which the Pandavas, along with their wife Droupadi, had to live in the forest, after the eldest brother Yudhishthira was defeated by Duryodhana at the deceitful plot of his maternal uncle Shakuni, known for his treachery in the myth.

Both the lakes, Jatapokhari and Panch Pokhari, lie at the foot of the mount Numburchuli.They are distinctly marked with natural beauty, biodiversity and rich cultural heritage. This region is a famous and esteemed pilgrimage for the Hindus.

The Jata Pokhari

Jatapokhari and Panch Pokhari



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