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The mountain bike is a fantastic, go-anywhere, adaptable vehicle for touring Nepal, with fat tyres, a comfortable cushioned seat, and 17 more gears than the usual Nepali cycle. These characteristics allow you to get off the beaten path and ride tracks and historic walking routes to distant, seldom-visited parts of the country, Nepal. Importantly, the mountain bikes provide a freeing sense of independence in travel, allowing you to stop whenever you choose and avoiding packed buses and stuffy cabs.The biggest delight for mountain bikers is hurtling down dirt roads on a mountain bike and receiving an adrenaline rush. And Nepal is the ideal destination for such high-spirited adventurers. There are unlimited opportunities for bicyclists starting right here in the Kathmandu valley.

The dusty paths that wind their way up and down the valley’s edge lead to remote towns with spectacular views of snow-capped mountains, beautiful valleys, and lush green terraced hillsides. The scenery improves as you climb higher, and the fresh mountain air refreshes your fatigued body. Once you’re out of the valley, you’ll see endless rows of hills, waterfalls, and spectacular views of mountains in the distance. One tip is that better, head for the highlands, which present tremendous obstacles due to the harsh terrain and thin mountain air, which demands you to be in a high degree of fitness. There are peaceful valleys to bike through, magnificent glacier lakes to see, and the Himalayan mountain’s presence will leave you speechless.

The mountain people welcoming you with the constant smile in their face makes the mountain bike trip all worthwhile. Their kind welcome along the road will make you feel at ease, making you want to remain there a little longer. It’s a wonderful chance to get to know about Nepal’s heart and soul. Diehard riders who enjoys mountain biking can travel through the Himalayas all the way to Tibet’s northern border. It is suggested to contact one of the many tourist-oriented agencies that offer such excursion as their bicycle trips can take you to almost anywhere in Nepal, including Tibet. Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Budanilkantha, Nagarkot, and the Kathmandu valley rim, which includes Khokana, Dakshinkali, and Godavari, are also famous tourist sites in the area that can be travelled through mountain biking. Pokhara’s tremendous natural beauty makes it ideal for bike journeys. Tourists are always welcome to compete in annual mountain biking championships hosted in Kathmandu and Pokhara and its so much fun in such leagues.

Up and down the hills, along river banks, around temples, past stray cattle, across suspension bridges, and down roads, one can enjoy their mountain ride even through beautiful green rice fields.  Also, mountain bikes can be borrowed for the day or even longer at one of the many bicycle rental stores in Thamel and the surrounding area.

If you have the option, go between October and December, when there is less rain and visibility is better. At bicycling levels, it grows gradually colder but never gets really cold – in fact, even in December and January, days may be bright and even pleasant anywhere up to approximately 3000m, but snow may be faced as low as 2000m.In Pokhara and the Terai, the months of December and January are also the most pleasant for riding. The shorter days, on the other hand, are a factor: by December, you’ll need to be off the roads or trails by 4.30 p.m. The day lengthens and becomes warmer from January through March. This is also a great time to go mountain riding.

A growing number of Nepali companies provide guided mountain biking tours. They supply best quality and super comfortable bicycles, as well as local and Western guides, helmets, and other essential gear. A minimum of four cyclists is normally required every trip, however two is generally adequate for shorter journeys.You can also join a guided bike tour to learn more about the local culture, the rhythm of traditional village life, and to see sights which you may otherwise miss on your own. So hurry up and discover the real Nepal through one of the most pleasant sports you will ever participate in biking in your entire life.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal


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