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Helicopter tours in Nepal is the best method to see Nepal’s gorgeous Himalayan landscape. As a falcon, it is the finest way to appreciate Nepalese beauty. Nepal Helicopter Tour is a fantastic trip that takes place in a beautiful and inspiring region surrounded by the Himalayas. Although you’re unable to go on a weeks-long journey in the Himalayas, you will have the opportunity to witness and experience Nepal’s natural splendor. The Helicopter Tour is just for you and is the most convenient method to tour Nepal. The Himalayan range in the north comprises over 100 peaks above 6000 meters, with eight of them ranking among the world’s highest, including of course, the one and only Mt. Everest. The fertile land in the south, known as ‘Terai,’ is home to a diverse range of species. The Kathmandu Valley, with its historical towns, temples, and monasteries, and the Pokhara Valley, with its picturesque lakeside town tucked in the Himalayas, can be added to your trip. All of these locations can be visited in a few of days with no complications. The Helicopter trip is the best anyone can have to enjoy the beauty of the soulful nature especially in the country like Nepal.
The Helicopter tour is great for those tourists or the travelers having limited time to visit who want to get the most out of their trip in a small period of time. This helicopter journey is also for those whose medical conditions do not allow them to use their mental willpower. With the services of these helicopters in Nepal, you can have numerous scenic flights with magical views of surrounding nature for experiencing stunning mountain panoramas, Himalayan glaciers, national parks, city regions, lakesides, green hills, and many more mysterious and inaccessible places. The helicopter services business in Nepal is currently well-established, with a wide range of helicopter models and classifications. The pilots are highly skilled experts with hundreds of hours of flight time in Nepal. The helicopter service providers have a good reputation and a track record of providing safe and reliable emergency and rescue flights. In Nepal, there are currently eight helicopter companies offering the services till now.
There are various other options including weddings by helicopter, helicopter tours of Kathmandu and Pokhara, birthday celebrations in the Himalayas by helicopter, helicopter tours of base camps, mountain helicopter tours, pilgrimage area helicopter tours, helicopter evacuation, and emergency helicopter support that can be done using the Helicopter services. The cost is little more but the journey is worth the money. Any wonderful event costs money, whether it is a large or small amount. The cost of a helicopter tour in Nepal varies depending on the kind of helicopter trip. You will have the option of selecting any of the trips to enhance your flying experience .Flyovers of the Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara Valley, Chitwan Valley, Barun Valley, Inner Terai Valley, and Marshyangdi Valley are all available as part of the flyover 2020/21 packages in Nepal.
In Nepal, a helicopter flight involves more than simply flying over the landscape and taking in the scenery from above. It also includes a helicopter landing in the Himalayas, which allows you to explore the chosen place for a few minutes and take advantage of the opportunity. Although not all helicopter trips support this, the expenses of helicopter tours in Nepal are mostly responsible. You may pay a little extra and enjoy the helicopter trip however you want.
Are you planning a trip to Nepal to take a helicopter ride? If yes, then do not be late. Don’t miss out the awesome experience of Helicopter tour in life that will take you to the whole next level of nature’s grandeur with a little bit of thrill.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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