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Dhimal Culture

Dhimal is an ethnic group of people who are found mainly in Nepal. In the Terai region of Nepal, you can find them and in India, you can see them in West Bengal. In Nepal, they are settled in Morang and Jhapa. They are also called a first citizen of Damak. They look very similar to the limbu community. You can even notice the quick and aggressive temper of Dhimal community people which is very similar to limbu community people.  They have their language, tradition, and customs. It is said that Dhimals don’t reside in one place for more than four or five years. Kirat religion is said to be similar to Kirants. Dhimal religion is called a religion of nature or religion of man as they don’t have any temple or idol. They worship nature or some other house-related gods. Dhimal is more into cultivation and agricultural sector rather than other sectors. The ladies in the dhimal community are said to be good at weaving.  There is a story about two Kirat boys who went to cut trees while returning only one came back the other one was lost there. The one who came back with banana and bohori trees was called Limbu and the one who was left behind where the trees started growing back was called Dhimal.

Dhimal is very fond of music it is said that when goddess Saraswati was distributing music she gave it to Dhimals but then unsuccessful career destroy and the only Jarisona was left and that’s why they only sing Jarisona. The folktales are also popular in the Dhimal community. the elders say tales and every around hears them. They have their ritual for birth, death, and marriage. Before birth, there are no rituals to be performed but after birth, both mother and child are washed and the child is given name on the same day when his or her mother is out of confinement.

They don’t exactly celebrate it but they name their kid on their favorite flowers. In marriage, the boy and girl are allowed to marry on their own choice. There is no dowry system but a ritual that the bride’s family will give some monetary gift which has to be accepted by the groom’s side. They have a chestnut marriage in which the boy will please the girl and make her eat the chestnut if she doesn’t then sometimes the girl is forced to eat. In the death of Dhimals, they are buried and if they are unmarried they will plant banana plants but if they are then they will serve rice and all. There are many more facts that are not known by everyone. Dhimal is again one of the beautiful communities.

-Article written by: Sakshi Agrawal for Land Nepal

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