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Baharat Lake Sarlahi

Baharat Lake, located in Bagmati Municipality of Sarlahi District, is gaining more tourist attractions in recent days. This lake is not only limited to domestic tourists. Being located closer to Indian border, many Indian Tourists also visit this place day-to-day (mainly in summer) in order to observe the lake. This lake has been named after the one of the honest and decent Mayor of Bagmati Municipality, Bharat Kumar Thapa. Undoubtedly, Bharat taal has become the honour of the Sarlahi district.

This lake covers an area of 121 bighas, which has depth of 35 feet. Bagmati Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. had launched two motorboats in the lake from last April. Likewise, the jet boat has also come into operation since June 24, 2021. So, now the whole trip to the lake can be done either in motor boats or jet boats, which are lined by Nepali national flags. Every people feel happy to ride the boats, where flapping national flags on the corner give different aura.

The cost of riding a motorbike is Rs. 150 per person and it is worth it because you will be able to play with the water and enjoy the sightseeing from the boat. With the intention of making the surroundings of this lake stunning, many green plants and flowers are planted. During spring (March-May), the blooming flowers make the lake more mesmerizing.

Jet Boat in Bharat Lake

Nepal’s first jet boat has come into operation at the country’s largest man-made Bharat Lake in the Bagmati Municipality of Sarlahi. It has a total capacity of 35 seats and has been operated by Bagmati Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

In the summer months, a large number of domestic and Indian tourists, including families, come to the lake to escape the heat and have fun on holidays. The 15 to 18 minutes trip on Jet Boat will obviously make the journey of tourists more entertaining than Pokhara’sPhewa Lake trip. Hansraj species of Ducks are reared in this lake. So, while riding in a Jet Boat, one will also be able to observe the ducks swimming in the lake. Likewise, the municipality is also thinking about rearing the fishes in the lake soon, which will make the trip more fascinating.

Challenges in Bharat Lake

One of the major challenges in the Bharat Lake is the fear of floods and its impacts. Sarlahi district is heavily affected due to floods in Banke, Phuljhar, Lakhanda and Bagmati rivers every year. Local villages in this district are covered with the flood in every monsoon due to the south’s Indian Dam and the Railway Dam in the east-west.

Likewise, drainage of water is connected with India. As a result, when Indian government doesn’t open the Sulis gate installed for the drainage, the impact of flood is heavily seen. Both the houses and local people are dying because of these complexities.

Development work in Bharat Lake

Bagmati Municipality has dreamt of making this lake as a model artificial lake of Asia. Local bodies and villagers believe that if they become able to promote this lake, it would not only lead to tourism development, but also help in the economic prosperity of the town.


In order to control the impacts of flood near the villages and Bharat Lake, training has been imparted to villagers with the help of Nepal Army on how to save the lives of flood victims and provide them first aid by using motor boats. Likewise, a team of Nepal Red Cross Society has been recruited along with the ambulance in the case of emergency. Besides these, the maintenance work of the river dam is also in process to eliminate the possible risk of floods.

Moreover, to increase the flow of tourists, construction of the east-west railway near the lake has also began. Moreover, erection of Nijgadh Fast Track is also in full process. It is believed that after the completion of building Nijgadh Fast Track, one will be able to reach Kathmandu within 2 hours. It will ultimately help in the development of the lake as many people from Katmandu will also be able to visit this place within a brief period. Similarly, it will also contribute to the development of the state’s economy.

Getting There

Sarlahi is 192 km away from Kathmandu. Travellers can easily get access to local buses from Gaushala, Kalanki and Jorpati in Kathmandu. It takes around 9-10 hours to get there via local bus. So, I recommend you to drive through a private jeep as it takes only about 5-6 hours and also, provide a comfortable journey. From Sarlahi, Bharat Lake is only a few km away. One can walk to this lake by exploring the traditional villages and plain lands throughout the way. Otherwise, they can also take a bus and get there.

Travellers don’t need to worry about the accommodation services. As many restaurants have been opened nearby for the convenience of tourists. They all are well-equipped with needed facilities and would provide a warm night stay.

Rich in natural vegetation and beauty, Bharat Lake has been flourishing a lot in the present scenario. The development activities that are being carried out are helping a lot in its promotion. So, if any of you want to escape from the distraction of the modern city and want to spend quality time with your family members, then this place should be on your bucket list.

-Article written by: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal

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