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Makalu Base Camp trek

Makalu Base Camp the hidden treasure of Nepal situated at an altitude of 4870m from above sea level. It is located in the Sankhuwasabha district of the eastern part of Nepal with full of adventure. It lies in the Makalu Barun National Park which is the 8th largest national park in Nepal. Therefore, the visitor can experience a great diversity of flora and fauna. It was only opened for Nepalese tourists until the 1950s. Barun Glacial lake at an altitude of 4550m is the ending point of Makalu Trek which is also called DudhKunda.

 Best Season for Makalu Base Camp

March-May and September-November is the finest time to go Makalu Base Camp trek. The temperature during this time is a constable and the trekker can enjoy each and every movement. Since climate will also be favorable the majestic view of the world highest peak Mt Everest (8848.86m), the world fourth highest peak Lhotse(8516m), the World fifth highest peak Makalu(8463m), Chamlang(7319m), and Baruntse(7129m) can be detected.

 Notorious Sites Encounter in Makalu Base Camp Trek

Some notorious sites encounter in the trek are:

Sano Pokhari: Sano Pokhari also known as a KaloPokhari lies at an altitude of around 3900m. This lake has added the beauty to Makalu trek.

Ship Ton-La Pass: It can be encountered at an altitude of 4160m during the trek to Makalu Base Camp.

ThuloPokhari: It is a crystal clear lake that came just after passing Ship Ton-La Pass.

Keke La Pass: It lies at an elevation of 4230m

YangriKharka: It is an open area surrounded by hills at an altitude of 3600m. Shiva Dhara cave is also located near YangriKharka.

Pregnant Hill: The rocky hill having religious value with the belief to be blessed with a child after visiting is known as Pregnant Hill is also located in this region.

Some Difficulties

 In the Makalu Base Camp trek, the average trek hour is around 7 to 8 hours. We have to cross through steep rock stairs. Therefore, people may face the problems like a muscle cramp, difficulty in breathing, and many more. Every day we have to gain altitude to reach our destination which may lead to altitude sickness as well. Walking continuously for 7-8 hours in sunlight may also lead to dehydration.

Tips to Overcome Difficulties

 Carry sufficient first aid and warm clothes needed in high altitude

  • Stretching every day before starting the trek
  • Drink plenty of water

 Requirements of  Permits

 To experience the adventurous journey of Makalu Base Camp trek, we need the following permits:

  • A permit from Makalu Barun National Park Area Conservation (US$30 per person)
  • A permit from Trekker’s Information Management System (US$20 per person)


Makalu Base Camp is 20 days long trek that starts from the capital of Nepal Kathmandu and also ends at Kathmandu. It cost around US$2440 for 21 Days long trek including food and accommodation excluding personal expenses.

Day 1: 4-hour flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar

Day 2: 6-7-hour trek from Tumlingtar to Num

Day 3: 6-7-hour trek from Num to Seduwa

Day 4: 5-hour trek from Seduwa to Tasigaon

Day 5: 7-hour trek from Tasigaon to Khongma Dada

Day 6: Rest in Khongma Dada for acclimatization

Day 7: 6-7-hour trek from Khongma Dada to Dobate via Shipton La

Day 8: 7-8-hour trek from Dobate to YangleKharka

Day 9: 6-hour trek from YangleKharka to LangmaleKharka

Day 10: 5-6-hour trek from LangmaleKharka to Makalu Base Camp

Day 11: Enjoying the day at Makalu Base Camp

Day 12: 6-7-hour trek from Makalu Base Camp to YangleKharka

Day 13: 7-hour from YangleKharka to Dobate

Day 14: 6-hour from Dobate to Khongma Dada

Day 15: 4-5-hour from Khongma Dada to Tasigaon

Day 16: 5-hour trek from Tasigaon to Seduwa

Day 17: 5-6-hour from Seduwa to Num

Day 18: 5-hour drive to Tumlungtar by jeep

Day 19: Sightseeing of Tumlungtar along with Manakamana Temple on the bank of Arun River.

Day 20: 50-minute flight from Tumlungtar to Kathmandu

Article Written By: Anita Khatri for Land Nepal

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