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Ram Nawami

Hindus all around the world celebrate Ram Nawami. The Hindu festival, Ram Nawami is one of the most well-known and celebrated festival in Nepal. According to the Hindu calendar, it occurs on the Nawami of ShuklaPaksha in Chaitra Month. It is now celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ram, King Dasharatha’s son. Ram is the Hindu lord Vishnu’s seventh avatar. In Nepal, Ram Nawami is celebrated with great passion. People celebrate the day by visiting neighboring temples dedicated to Lord Ram, who is regarded by his worshippers as a symbol of honesty and ideality. Hindu devotees celebrate this festival by observing fast, singing devotional songs and offering prayers at their homes and nearby temples.

Dashratha, the king of Ayodhya, is said to have had three wives and no children of his own, according to the Ramayana. The king was advised to conduct a Yagya (sacrifice) for an heir by Rishi Vasistha, and the queens were given a special prasad from the Yagya. The king was blessed with four sons after the Yagya, the eldest of them was Lord Ram. To mark the occasion, the entire city of Ayodhya was decorated with lights and flowers, and this tradition continues from that day until now. People read passages from the Ramayana and the Bhagwat Gita on the day of Ram Nawami. On this day, devotees fast and offer their respects to Lord Ram. On the day of the celebration of Ram Nawami, special dishes are prepared, and people dress up like Ram to celebrate. Lights are placed across the streets and inside homes. The god’s statues are jeweled and handcrafted.

On the day of Ram Nawami, all Lord Rama’s devotees pray to please him. To celebrate Lord Rama’s auspicious birthday, the entire family gathers to worship together. The Pooja begins with the installation of Lord Rama, Laxmana, Sita, and Hanuman’s statues or images. The family’s youngest female member applied tika to all of the male members. At the last the prasad is distributed to all the devotees.

A RathYatra, or chariot march, is held at Ayodhya, Ram’s birthplace, as well as in other parts of Nepal and India, on the festival of Ram Nawami. The Ram RathYatra also includes Sita, Laxman, and Hanuman idols. Many temples in the city participate in the RathYatra, which is followed by worshippers singing Ram Nama (Rama’s holy name). Many people from abroad who are seeking spiritual understanding also attend this chariot parade as it is said to bring spiritual enlightenment and good luck forever in life.

A Ram temple in Kathmandu, located on a hilltop near Battisputali, Kathmandu, is frequently crowded on this day. Janakpur, too, is magnificently decorated on this day, as Janakpur is the Janaki temple. Hundreds and thousands of Hindus travel to Janakpur from all across Nepal and India for the celebration of this special day Ram Nawami. Devotees bathe at Gangasagar’s holy pond before visiting the Ram temple, which is located just across from the pond. Despite the fact that Sita was born at Janakpur, Ram Nawami is celebrated with excitement and enthusiasm on this day.

Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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