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Matepani Gumba

In terms of travel and tourism sector, Pokhara is indeed the epicenter and the heart of our beautiful and peaceful country Nepal. The majestic and heavenly city Pokhara has been on every domestic and international tourist’s bucket list, with stunning lakeside views, busy marketplaces, adventurous sports, restaurants and clubs with lively ambience, and luxury hotels. Pokhara boasts a variety of destinations featuring pilgrimages of numerous cultural backgrounds and temples and monasteries to provide you with a lovely quiet experience away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The Matepani Monastery, also known as the Matepani Gumba, is one of several such places.

Matepani Monastery or the Matepani Gumba is located in Pokhara’s Kaski District, near the Kundahar region. It is located on top of a tiny green hill around five kilometers northeast of Pokhara city. Nyeshang monks who had relocated to Pokhara from Manang founded the monastery in 1960 A.D. The monks’ daily prayer practice is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for tourists. After you make new friends with the monks and become close to them, you could be invited to their ceremony. Numerous times a day, prayers are held in the main hall of gumba.

They also have a specific ritual which is very peaceful, sound and calm that lasts the full day in addition to their daily prayers. The Matepani Gumba’s complex interior with elegant hues in the artwork that depicts and illustrates numerous instances of Buddha’s life as well as diverse legends that make up Buddhist faith will leave you speechless. The beautiful monument or the sculpture of Lord Buddha, as well as other 11-foot-tall statues, will undoubtedly capture your attention in this amazing gumba.

Brief history of Matepani Gumba: Lama Jigme and a team of Nyeshang devotees traveled to Sikkim in 1959 to speak with His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, Ranjung Rigpe Dorje, about Nyeshang in Nepal. His Holiness instructed Lama Jigme to build a monasteries in Pokhara, Nepal, at around this period. Matepani is an excellent and auspicious place in Pokhara, according to His Holiness, since the swords used mostly by King Ling Derma to slay all wicked kings in Tibet became lost there. It was also foretold that just by erecting a monastery here, subsequent generations of monks and the buddhism followers will profit and have a lot of benefit from the monastery. This way, The Matepani Gumba in the beautiful city Pokhara was constructed and founded.

How to get there: Through Mahendrapul via Kahukhola, local transportation is accessible. Taxis or a private car can also be arranged. From a certain point, though, riding the steep hill for two-wheelers may be tough. As a result, you may need to take a short trek to reach your destination. There is no price for admission. The Gumba is accessible through a short trek. The trek will be worthwhile since you will be greeted with a magnificent vista of Pokhara and Mt Machapuchare from either the summit of the green slope (Mt Fishtail). Once you arrive, you will be greeted by kind monks who will provide a warm welcome to all visitors to their beautiful monastery.

Away from the noise and busyness of the tiring city life, the monastery provides a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere. Matepani Monastry is a fantastic choice if you are in Pokhara and wish to be in a tranquil environment or visit a holy site. All visitors to the Matepani Gumba will have a very gratifying experience because the monastery is located in a tranquil location with a lovely and well-kept garden. Visitors will also get the opportunity to witness the monks performing their afternoon worship. Overall, all of Nepal’s monasteries are serene, peaceful, and lovely. No matter how big or tiny the monastery is, it always feels nice, and there are no words to adequately describe the sensation and the feeling of being there. And of course Pokhara is among the best place in Nepal with its heavenly natural beauty and varieties of cultural and religious heritages and sites. Don’t miss your visit to the peaceful and serene Matepani Gumba here when you are visiting Pokhara!

-By: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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