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Swargadwari Temple

Swargadwari is a religious tourist site located about 26 kilometres west of Khalanga, the district headquarters of Pyuthan. This temple is considered as one of the ancient temples of Nepal. Pyuthan’s Swargadwari temple is a confluence of natural beauty with religion. According to the Puranas, the name Swargadwari is considered to be the last path used by the Pancha Pandavas to ascend to heaven. It is said that sages used to perform penance here in ancient times and that Lord Brahma himself performed penance here. It is believed that visiting Swargadwari temple will bring goodness and fulfill one’s aspirations. Mainly in Hindu religion, it is compulsory to visit all the seven dhams in order to reach heaven after death. The journey to seven dham begins from Pashupatinth and ends at Swargadwari.

According to the temple management committee, Swargadwari attracts the around 5,00,000 pilgrims every year. This destination is not only the entry point to heaven, but also the gateway for the development and success of province no. 5. Swargadwari, one of the famous seven Dhams of Nepal, is a holy religious and tourist pilgrimage site. People hearing the name of this destination for the first time thinks about visiting at least once there in a lifetime. ‘How is Swargadwari?’ This kind of question is heard from the mouth of many people. However, those who have already visited this place really take it as the ‘fountain of heaven’. Anyone who visit Swargadwari will see the real paradise in the earth. The fresh aur, the ranges of peaks overshadowing the peaks, green hills etc, make this place even more attractive. Previously, Swargadwari was also known as ‘Lake of Heaven’.

Major Attractions of Swargadwari Temple

Ancient and stunning lakes, the story of five Pandavas, the gateway to heaven, the historic cave of Mahaprabhu where he performed penance, the Veda Pathshala, which was established in 1952, the green Govardhana hills, hundreds of cows reared in the ashram, the large barren tree located in the southern part of the monastery and ashram shrine of various shapes are the major attractions for the devotees coming from different places.

Religious Beauty

This temple is said to be 110 years old. The premises of the temple is decorated with idols and images of Gods and Goddesses like Ganesh, Shiva, Vishnu, Sun etc. This temple is also a centre of faith for Indian pilgrims. The ashram management committee has stated that more than one lakh devotees come from India every year. A big fair is held in this place during Maghe Sankranti, Gai Tihar, full moon day of Baisakh, Vijayadashami and other festivals. At other days, daily prayers and puja are performed.

The major attraction of this destination is fire operated Yajna Kunda, which is revealed by Vedmantra. Since 1952 BS, this shrine has been burning continuously. According to the historical records, the Mahaprabhu found the worship materials and built an ashram for conducting the Yajna Kunda. The Swargadwari ashram has totally different importance because the worship material used here was performed by the five Pandavas.

Similarly, during the Akhand Mahayagya, which is organized every year in the full moon day of Baisakh, there is provision of changing Brahamins as per the needs of the pilgrims and locals. Besides these, Vibhuti is also taken out for the entire years on the same day. It is said that, once the people visit and worship Swargadwari, their all aspirations and desires will be fulfilled.

Natural Beauty

Swargadwari is not only rich in religious and cultural heritage, but also has a plethora of natural beauty that attracts travellers easily to this destination. Those who love mountains can get the clear visibility of three giant peaks like Annapurna, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri. Swargadwari is a very good destination to get a clear view of mt. Dhaulagiri. Besides these, you can also get the view of other small peaks and snow ranges.

How to reach?

There are two ways to reach Swargadwari. You can either take the route of Bhaluwang of Dang via Bhingri, Pyuthan or Ghorahi of Dang via Holeri Road. You will follow East- West Mahendra Highway while taking Bhaluwang route. While taking route of Bhaluwang, you will first travel 55km paved road and reach Swargadwari Base Camp. From there, you will cross around 13 and a half kilometres unpaved road and reach Dharmapani Bazaar. Again, you have to climb one and a half kilometre from Dharmapani Bazaar.

Those pilgrims who don’t prefer walking can also take the horseback riding. Indian pilgrims like to visit Swargadwari on their foot from Bhingri. It takes around four hours fro hiker to reach Swargadwari Ashram from Bhingri. As an alternative, pilgrims can also take the route of Ghorahi-Holeri. One has to travel 56 kilometres from this route; however, this route has been tarred. So, most of the tourists choose the Bhaluwan-Bhingri road.

There is the Dharamshala in the ashram, established by the management committee of temple to provide the safety and overnight stay to the pilgrims visiting Swargadwari. There is restriction in smoking and drinking inside this premises. Pilgrims can get the facilities of Wi-Fi, hot and cold water etc. Similarly, cow’s milk, honey, non-organic greens, curd etc. are serve to pilgrims as the special dishes of this area.

Final Say,

Swargadwari of Pyuthan has the high potential in turning the tourists around here for several days. All the locals should help in setting visions and action plans to develop this destination. Besides these, the locals around the area should also be benefitted fro the flow of internal and external tourists so that they will also play the vital role in the progress and promotion of Swargadwari.

-By: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal

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